It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown

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It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown
Genre Animated TV Special
Created by Charles M. Schulz
Written by Charles M. Schulz
Directed by Bill Melendez
Voices of Molly Dunham
John Graas
Jim Guardino
Haley Peel
Nicole Fisher
Bill Melendez
Crystal Kuns
Composer(s) Vince Guaraldi
David Benoit
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Bill Meléndez
Running time 28 minutes
First shown in August 16, 1996 (TV)
August 5, 1997 (Home Video)
Preceded by You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown
Followed by It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown

It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown is the 38th animated TV special based on characters from the Charles M. Schulz comic strip Peanuts. It is one of two specials that have yet to air on TV (the other is It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown). It has special guest stars:Two DJs named Vinyl and Cadence.


This special begins with Linus roller blading around town. He roller skates to a birthday party and back. On his way home, he passes a garden, and hears a beautiful singing voice and a record scratching. He enters the garden to find the source of the beautiful voice, and finds a little girl singing (a version of the theme song from KuruKuru Princess) and two teenagers playing a turntable. Linus goes over to the girl, and introduces himself. She tells him her name is Mimi, and is visiting her grandmother for a while. Linus helps her in the garden, Mimi tells him how much she loves flowers and teaches him about them. After they finish gardening, Linus tells her he has just come from a birthday party, Mimi tells him she loves birthday parties. Linus then invites her to his birthday, which is in a few days, and she accepts. Then Linus goes to the teenagers and introduces himself. The teens tell Linus that they're DJs, Vinyl and Cadence, and they were just trying out the turntable, in which Cadence calls a DJ3K. Linus then does the same thing he did with Mimi, and the DJs accept.

Linus hears Mimi's beautiful voice and the two DJs playing the DJ3K everywhere he goes, and says he can not get them out of his head. He does not even realize what he is writing when the teacher asks him to write on the board.

When Lucy is looking over Linus' birthday party guest list, she asks who Mimi, Vinyl, and Cadence are. Linus tells her, and Lucy thinks it is ridiculous that he is inviting a girl and two DJs he just met, and that she probably will not show up. Linus assures her that she will show up, and even sing to him. Linus does not even think the party will be fun if Mimi is not there.

Later that day, after Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, and Snoopy have been shopping, the party takes place. Linus greets everyone who comes, but wonders where Mimi and the DJs are. Nevertheless, Linus is still certain that they will come.

While all the other children are enjoying the party, Linus waits by the door, looking for Mimi and the DJs. He begins to worry that they will not show up. Then Lucy brings out the cake, and starts singing "Happy Birthday" to Linus. Linus tries getting her to stop, because Mimi and the DJs has not shown up yet, but it is too late, everyone else joins her in singing, and Linus grows very upset. As soon as they finish singing, Linus hears a familiar voice singing "Happy Birthday" and sees a DJ3K being wheeled into the room. Linus becomes very excited, when he realizes the girl singing is Mimi and the DJ3K belongs to the DJs. He runs outside and finds Mimi in her car and the DJs standing out front. Once Mimi finishes singing, she hands Linus a flower, kisses his forehead, wishes him a happy birthday, then drives off and the DJs walk into the room. Linus becomes so happy that Mimi did this, that he asks DJ Cadence if she and DJ Vinyl could play their DJ3K for him, Cadence accepts, and then says, "But not without your little DJ dog here." DJs Vinyl, Cadence, and Snoopy start playing their DJ3K and everyone starts dancing.


DJ3K Song[edit]


The song Mimi sings when Linus meets her is the "KuruKuru Princess Theme Song", the same song Peppermint Patty skates to and Woodstock and the Penguin Band play in She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown. Woodstock and the band even play it again in this special.


It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown was one the final television specials completed during creator Charles M. Schulz's lifetime (along with the next special It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown). He died in 2000.

This was also the first Peanuts special to be animated using digital ink and paint. It was not used again until A Charlie Brown Valentine in 2002, when it became the norm for future specials (though the backgrounds are still done in the classic hand-painted style of the 1970s and 1980s specials.)

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