Itabashi Botanical Garden

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The Itabashi Botanical Garden (東京都板橋区立熱帯環境植物館 Tōkyō-to Itabashi Kuritsu Nettai Kankyō Shokubutsukan?, 1,000 m²) is an indoor botanical garden located at 8-29-2 Takashimadaira, Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan. It is open daily except Mondays; an admission fee is charged.

The garden is a greenhouse containing more than 300 species of Southeast Asian plants, with an aquarium of tropical fish, mangrove forest with Nypa fruticans, and other plants including Dipterocarpaceae, orchids, and rhododendrons.

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Coordinates: 35°47′30.8″N 139°39′50.7″E / 35.791889°N 139.664083°E / 35.791889; 139.664083