Italian Contemporary Film Festival

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Italian Contemporary Film Festival
Location Toronto, Canada
Founded 2012
Number of films 200
Language English and Italian

The Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) is a publicly attended film festival that takes place in Toronto, Ontario during the month of June in celebration of Ontario’s Italian Heritage month. As the only Italian Film Festival in Canada, ICFF is a showcase for contemporary cinema of Italian origin from all over the world and brings together filmmakers and audiences to celebrate Italian heritage cinema and explore its new frontiers. ICFF is a six-day cinematic exploration of Italian lifestyle, culture, heritage and history.

The festival presents an international collection of feature films, documentaries and shorts, including premieres, advance screenings and independent films. Screenings are supplemented by social events attended by celebrities from Italy or of Italian heritage, guest appearances by filmmakers, actors, authors, academics and other expert speakers and complemented by Q&A sessions.

Industry support[edit]

ICFF showcases films, supports filmmakers, recognizes the leadership of entertainment industry performers and business executives, and promotes a diversity of perspectives on Italian culture. The aim of the festival is to raise awareness and promote all the various aspects of Italian cinema, as well as to support established and emerging filmmakers of Italian descent. It is a forum where industry professionals from major and independent production and distribution companies are invited to attend meetings with participating filmmakers as well as panel discussions with speakers from film industry professionals.

ICFF also introduces films in the hope of finding them a Canadian or US distributor, it presents other films (including works from any country in the world) that have an Italian flavour or connection that are sometimes outside the ‘mainstream’ but that have considerable artistic and cultural merit.

This is a festival focused exclusively on anything related to Italian culture.

Distributors will have the opportunity to see films that have never been shown in Canada. For established directors, it will open up new avenues to exhibit their films, for emerging directors it will provide a gateway to unexplored channels. The festival is conceived as a kind of “piazza” or public square that marries cultural factors with the demands of market distribution and promotion.


  • Six days of film screenings
  • 3 GTA venues, including the prestigious TIFF Bell Lightbox
  • The highest quality Italian heritage films
  • Films from around the world
  • Features, shorts and documentaries
  • North American premieres
  • Italian‐Canadian independent films
  • Q&A sessions with filmmakers, actors and academics
  • Opening and closing gala parties
  • An experience that celebrates Italian culture & lifestyle
  • Building bridges in the multi‐ethnic community of Toronto


The first edition of the Italian Contemporary Film Festival was held in Toronto, Ontario between June 26 and July 1, 2012. Films have been screened in three GTA venues including the prestigious TIFF Bell Lightbox.

ICFF 2012 Film Selection[edit]

Feature Films

  1. Basilicata coast to coast (2010)
  2. Che bella giornata (2011)
  3. Habemus Papam (2011)
  4. Il Gioiellino (2011)
  5. Immaturi Il viaggio (2012)
  6. La Kryptonite Nella Borsa (2012)
  7. La Giusta Distanza (2012)
  8. La Scomparsa Di Pató (2012)
  9. Posti In Piedi In Paradiso (2012)
  10. Terraferma (2011)
  11. To Rome With Love (2012)
  12. Anna, Teresa e Le Resistenti (2010)

Documentaries and Short Films

  1. Canadian West Coast directed by Cristiano de Florentiis

From the Bay of Vancouver, a journey winds across the mountains and the ocean, traveling through a land that reminds the observer of the Garden of Eden. A documentary, a road movie about British Columbia narrated by members of the Italian community living in B.C.

  1. Letter One directed by Tony Nardi

This film is based on letters sent to “middle-men” of the Canadian cultural scene: a film/television producer and two theatre critics. ICFF presents the first letter, Letter One, which articulates an actor/writer’s struggle with cultural stereotypes in Canadian theatre/film/TV. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Italian Canadian actors, directors and film critics.

  1. Piazza Petawawa directed by Rino Noto

This documentary honours the experiences of individuals who were interned during World War II in the Petawawa concentration camp for being ‘enemy aliens.’

  1. Pizza Bagel directed by Joe Mari

Pizza Bagel takes a comedic look at intercultural dating while poking fun at Mediterranean cuisine and unabashedly patriotic soccer celebrations.

ICFF 2012 Awards[edit]

ICFF films are subjected to both a public vote and a review by the Toronto Film Critics Association. The winning film will receive the ICFF Audience Award and will be honoured with a statuette created by renowned artist Silvio Mastrodascio. A second award will be conferred by the TFCA.

People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice Award, voted by festival audiences, went to Ivan Cotroneo’s La Kryptonite Nella Borsa (Krytonite!). Actress Monica Nappo was present to accept the award.

Angela Baldassarre Award

The Angela Baldassare Award for Best Film, established in honour of the late Toronto film critic, was awarded to Emanuele Crialese’s Terraferma by members of the Toronto Film Critics Association.

IC Savings Award

The IC Savings Award for best contribution to Italian social and cultural values was presented to La Scomparsa Di Pató and to its director and screenwriter, Rocco Mortelliti, who was present to accept the award.

ICFF 2013 Edition[edit]

The second edition of the Italian Contemporary Film Festival will be held in Toronto, Ontario between June 26 and July 7, 2013.

Feature Films

ICFF 2013 Film Awards[edit]

ICFF Junior 2013 First Edition[edit]

The first ICFF Junior festival will be held in Toronto, Ontario between May 7–8, 2013 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. This section has been created to allow children to see engaging films created especially for young audiences, which will challenge them and provide opportunities to discuss interesting and fascinating topics and foster global connections. The ICFF is focused on using film as a tool to bring the Italian reality closer to kids and to help develop their critical and analytical skills.

Feature Films

  1. Pinocchio (2013) by Enzo D'Alò
  2. Scialla (2011) by Francesco Bruno
  3. Salvatore Questa E' La Vita (2006) by Gian Paolo Cugno
  4. La Gabbianella E Il Gatto (1998) by Enzo D'Alò
  5. Gladiatori di Roma (2012) by Igino Straffi


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