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Siae Official Logo
Siae Official Logo
Italy location map.svg
Zone of Influence
Formation 1882
Type Statutory Corporation
Purpose Italian music songs money got from the royalties redistribution
Headquarters Rome, Italy
Location Viale della Letteratura, 30 Rome, Italy
Region served
Services Redistribution of the Italian music songs royalties
Key people
Gaetano Blandini (Director-general), Sabina Riccardelli (Vice Director-general), Silvio Sircana (Communication Manager), Paolo Agoglia (Institutional relations), Marina Strippoli (Business’ Development and Growth Research), Gaetano Cataldo (Information Systems and Processes Resolutions Manager) Raffaella Gambini (Companies Processes Resolutions Manager), Luisa Vullo (Authors and Labels Division Manager), Antonio Coluccini (Music Department), Sergio Maria Fasano (Licences Manager)[1]
Staff 85[1]

SIAE (English: Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) is the Italian copyright collecting agency. Founded in 1882 in the Kingdom of Italy,[2] it is the monopolist intermediary between the authors of musical tracks and consumers, managing the economic aspects and the distribution of money from royalties of Italian-copyrighted music to authors and on their behalf.[3] Since 2013, the main spokesperson of the SIAE organization has been the songwriter Gino Paoli.[4] In 2000s and 2010s, SIAE is known for the controversial decision to claim payment through the "Private Copy Siae Tax" for every blank CD, DVD, and HDD sold in Italy since 2001.[4]

All music songwriters and composers in Italy has to send a mandate document to the SIAE or he/she has to be a SIAE subscriber (the registration cost is 129.59 € and the annual fee is 151.81 €).[5] Authors who choose to register as associates can (with additional payment) register their works under a pseudonym or professional name. The CD Albums sold in Italy have to have an adhesive label stuck directly on the CD jewel case). SIAE gives, under mandatory SIAE fee’s payments, the permission to musicians, music bands and DJs to cover songs or plays Italian copyrighted music.


1882: Foundation by Corporation Statute[edit]

The SIAE was founded by statute[6] in Milan, Kingdom of Italy, on 23 April 1882. Among the first notably names to join the Corporation there were the Italian poet Giosuè Carducci (1835–1907) and the Italian musician Giuseppe Verdi (1813–1901).[3]

- Foundation of SIAE by statute,[6] Milan, 1882, Kingdom of Italy

- Copyright Siae Law, no.633/1941, Rome, Kingdom of Italy, 1941

2000-2013: Controversial Laws[edit]

  • Private Copy Siae Tax, Rome, Italian Republic, 2001

Italian consumers pay the "Private Copy Siae Tax" since 2001’s for every blank CD, DVD, HDD, DVD Drive and MP3 player bought.[7][8] It’s widely considered a controvarsal law, because there is no connection to make mandatory pay a songwriters Association for a consumer when they buy an Hard Disk or a blank DVD or CD.

  • Incoming Decree-Law Italian Minister Massimo Bray for SIAE 2013 SMART TVs and PVRs

On 27 November 2013 Italian Minister Massimo Bray (Beni Culturali) took the decision to establish new taxes for some electronic goods like HDTVs and PVRs, that money will go to the SIAE. It is said that this fact is very controversial, because there is not connection or direct connection with paying the SIAE getting a new HDTV or a PVR.[4]

On 15 Dicember 2013, it was discovered that the SIAE organization wrote the Decree-Law to get even more money than the year 2013, about 150.000.000 € during the year 2014 from the new SIAE tax for the SMART TVs, PVRs, Hard Disks, blank DVDs, CDs and smartphones (all goods that are sold without media content bundled, so the aratio legis of the law is inconsistent).[9][10]

Unequal redistribution of the money got from the royalties[edit]

SIAE's money got from the music royalties redistribution system is regulated by SIAE itself. The management of a large part of the rights of music tracks is entirely entrusted to the SIAE, theoretically to safeguard the musicians’ interests. This phenomenon of entrustment of intermediary activity to a single society currently happen only in Italy and it’s active since 1882. 2013's biggest income portion (46.000.000 €) was redistributed only to 146 authors. RAI's (Italy's national public broadcasting company, owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance) Uno Mattina and Domenica In Italian TV shows director's Michele Guardì earned the biggest part of the SIAE 2013 income. He got more money from SIAE than popular Italian singers like Vasco Rossi and Luciano Ligabue.[11]

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