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The Italian Somaliland lira also called the Somali lira, was a special version of the Italian lira minted in Italian Somaliland between 1925 and 1926. It replaced the Italian Somaliland rupia at a rate of 8 lire = 1 rupia. Only coins of £5 and £10 were issued, which circulated alongside Italian coins and banknotes. From 1938, banknotes for the Italian East African lira also circulated.


In 1925, silver coins in denominations of 5 and 10 lire were issued. They were slightly larger than the 5 and 10 lire coins introduced in Italy the following year.


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Preceded by:
Italian Somaliland rupia
Ratio: 8 lire = 1 rupia
Currency of Italian Somaliland
together with ordinary Italian lira

1925 – 1926
Concurrent with: Italian lira
Succeeded by:
Italian lira
Ratio: at par