Italian Trans-Juba

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Italian Trans-Juba
Oltre Giuba Italiana
Italian colony



National Anthem of the Kingdom of Italy
Trans-Juba shown on a map of present-day Somalia.
Capital Kismayo
Religion Islam · Roman Catholicism
Political structure Colony
Historical era Interwar period
 -  Established 1924
 -  Disestablished 1925
Currency Italian lira

Italian Trans-Juba (Italian: Oltre Giuba, Arabic: الإيطالية عبر جوبا‎) was a briefly-extant Italian colony in the territory of present-day southern Somalia.


Main article: Jubaland

Italian Trans-Juba was established in 1924, after Britain ceded a portion of Jubaland to Italy as a reward for the Italians having joined the Allies in World War I.[1] The territory thereafter had a brief existence as Trans-Juba (Oltre Giuba) under governor Corrado Zoli (16 July 1924 – 31 December 1926). Italy issued its first postage stamps for the new colony on 29 July 1925, consisting of contemporary Italian stamps overprinted Oltre Giuba. Britain retained control of the southern half of the partitioned Jubaland territory, which was later called the Northern Frontier District (NFD).[2] In 1925, a year after its formation, Trans-Juba was integrated into Italian Somaliland.[3]

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