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The Italian basketball league system or Italian basketball league pyramid, is a series of interconnected competitions for professional basketball clubs in Italy. The system has a hierarchical format with a promotion and demotion system between competitions at different levels. There are currently ten different competitions on the pyramid: the 1st-tier Lega Basket Serie A, the 2nd-tier Serie A2 Gold Basket, the 3rd-tier Serie A2 Silver, the 4th-tier Divisione Nazionale B, the 5th-tier Divisione Nazionale C, the 6th-tier Serie C Regionale, the 7th-tier Serie D Regionale, the 8th-tier Promozione, 9th-tier Prima Divisione, and the 10th-tier Seconda Divisione.

The tier pyramid[edit]

Level League
1. Lega Basket Serie A
National Professional 1st Division
(16 teams)
2. Serie A2 Gold Basket
National Amateur 1st Division
(although the clubs are professional)
(16 teams)
3. Serie A2 Silver Basket
National Amateur 2nd Division
(although the clubs are semi-professional)
(16 teams)
4. Divisione Nazionale B
National Amateur 3rd Division
(64 teams)
5. Divisione Nazionale C
National Amateur 4th Division
(112 teams)
6. Serie C Regionale
Regional 1st Division
7. Serie D Regionale
Regional 2nd Division
8. Promozione
Regional 3rd Division
9. Prima Divisione
Regional 4th Division
10. Seconda Divisione
Regional 5th Division

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