Italian general election, 1876

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Italian general election, 1876
Kingdom of Italy
1874 ←
5-12 November 1876 → 1880

All 508 seats to the Italian Chamber of Deputies
  Majority party Minority party
  Agostino Depretis.jpg Riccio G. - ritratto di Marco Minghetti.jpg
Leader Agostino Depretis Marco Minghetti
Party Historical Left Historical Right
Leader's seat Stradella Legnago
Seats won 424 94
Seat change Increase182 Decrease182
Percentage 70.2% 28.2%
Swing Increase23.8% Decrease25.4%

Italian Parliament, 1876.svg

Composition of the Parliament

Prime Minister before election

Agostino Depretis
Historical Left

Subsequent Prime Minister

Agostino Depretis
Historical Left

The Italian general election of 1876 was held in Italy on November 5, with a second round of voting on November 12.[1] It was a snap election, and it came after MPs from Tuscany became dissatisfied with the government following its refusal to intervene in the financial problems of Florence. The government was defeated on a vote on nationalising railways on 18 March 1876 and was forced to resign.[2] Left-wing leader Agostino Depretis became Prime Minister and early elections were called. For the first time, the left-wing won an election, taking 414 of the 508 seats, of which 12 were extreme left-wingers.[2] As opposed to the previous right-wing governments, whose members were largely aristocrats representing rentiers from the north of the country, and held moderate political views including loyalty to the crown and low government spending,[3] the left-wing government represented the bourgeoisie of the south of the country and supported low taxation, secularism, a strong foreign policy and public jobs.[2]

Only 605,007 men of a total population of around 28 million were entitled to vote.[4]

Parties and leaders[edit]

Party Ideology Leader
Historical Left Liberalism, Centrism Agostino Depretis
Historical Right Conservatism, Monarchism Marco Minghetti


Italian general election of 1876
Candidates Votes
Party Standing Elected Gained Unseated Net  % of total  % No. Net %
  Historical Left 508 414 + 182 54 70.2 243,319 + 2.7
  Historical Right 421 94 - 182 36.3 28.2 97,726 - 1.8
  Others 2 0 0 0 0 1.6 5,530 0.0

Total votes cast: 358,253. Registered voters/turnout: 605,007 - 59.2.

Popular vote
Parliamentary seats


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