Italy women's national roller hockey team

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Nickname Hockey rosa
Association FIHP
Confederation FIRS
Coach Gianni Massari

Italy women's national roller hockey team is the national team side of Italy at international roller hockey.


Competition 1 2 3 Total
World Championship 0 2 0 2
European Championship 2 2 1 5
World Games not yet disputed
Total 2 4 1 7

Roster 2012[edit]

The last season of the women's national championship was held in 2007-2008, although this in July 2012 the national team returned to gather in view of new international competitions.[1]

Athlete Born Role Club
Di Santo Gloria 1998 Defender Cresh Eboli
Galeassi Giulia 1991 Defender / Central AS Viareggio
Gallotta Alessandra 1997 Central / Wing Cresh Eboli
Gaudio Valentina 1998 Goalkeeper Pattinomania Matera
Ghirardello Erika 1997 Central / Wing Breganze
Grendene Giulia 1996 Punta / Wing Roller Bassano
Lamacchia Luisa 1997 Central / Wing Pattinomania Matera
Lapolla Pamela 1996 Central / Wing Pattinomania Matera
Mele Maria Teresa 1992 Central / Wing Pattinomania Matera
Minuzzo Laura 1993 Defender / Central Roller Bassano
Pisati Alice 1997 Central / Wing Amatori Lodi
Pochettino Gaia 1996 Central / Wing Amatori Lodi
Raffaelli Jessica 1991 Defender / Central AS Viareggio
Scotti Ilaria 1995 Central / Wing Amatori Lodi
Tamiozzo Elena 1998 Defender / Central Trissino
Toffanin Elena 1989 Central / Wing Roller Bassano
Vannucci Chiara 1988 Forward AS Viareggio
Vannucci Cinzia 1988 Forward AS Viareggio
Xotta Marika 1997 Goalkeeper Trissino
Zarantonello Sara 1998 Goalkeeper Trissino

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