Itaparica Island

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For the Brazilian footballer, see Manoel dos Santos Filho.
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Itaparica is a Brazilian island in All Saint's Bay (Portuguese: Baia de Todos os Santos), about 10 km from the city of Salvador, Bahia. It is known for hosting the Sul America Open tennis competition (1986-1990). In the island, there are two cities: Itaparica and Vera Cruz.

Itaparica can be reached in about one hour by ferry from Salvador. The smaller passenger-ferry departs from near the Mercado Modelo, while the larger car-ferry goes from about two km north to Bom Despacho. The state of Bahia is considering constructing a (11.6km long) bridge between Salvador and Itaparica.

It is the former home of the tennis tournament, the ATP Itaparica.

Itaparica has 40 km of beaches suitable for tourists and exuberant tropical vegetation.

Coordinates: 12°59′50″S 38°40′04″W / 12.99722°S 38.66778°W / -12.99722; -38.66778