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Coordinates: 23°00′21″S 46°50′20″W / 23.00583°S 46.83889°W / -23.00583; -46.83889 Itatiba is a county in the state of São Paulo in Brazil and distant approximately 80 km from the State Capital . The population in 2010 was 101,471 and the city has an area of 322.52 km². The average elevation is 750 m. The place's name comes from the Tupi Guarani language, and means "Many Rocks". The county is known as the "Princess of the Hill" due to its rugged terrain. According to the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Itatiba is the third city with the highest quality of life in Brazil, presenting a FIRJAN Municipal Development Index of 0.9276. It is considered to be the town with the 3rd highest levels of oxygen in the air in the whole world.[citation needed] It used to be the furniture capital of Brazil.[citation needed] Itatiba also has the biggest thematic zoo in Latin America, the "Zooparque". João Fattori is the current mayor in the city.

The city is also base of the famous country club and golf course Quinta da Baroneza.


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