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ITHAKA musician - Photographed by Nancy Geringer-2009-xs.jpg
Background information
Birth name Darin Pappas
Born (1966-07-08)July 8, 1966
Anaheim, California, U.S.
Origin Southern California, United States
Genres hip hop, west coast hip hop, trip hop, spoken word, Electronic dance music
Occupation(s) Vocalist, lyricist, poet, contemporary artist, writer, photographer, producer
Years active 1983–until present
Labels Sweatlodge Records,[1]
Valentim de Carvalho,[2]
Twisted Records (UK),[3]
Twisted Records (U.S.),[4] Movieplay Records (Portugal)
Associated acts Gabriel o Pensador,[5] Underground Sound of Lisbon, DJ Vibe, Rui da Silva, Mario Caldato, Jr.,[6] Norman Cook[7]

Ithaka Darin Pappas, better known simply as Ithaka, is an American hip hop artist, sculptor, artistic photographer, writer, poet, record producer and surfer, of partial Greek descent. He is sometimes referred to by his original family name; Pappagiannis - in Greek: Παππαγιάννης, or the alternative spellings Pappayounis or Pappayannis. Note: name was legally changed from Darin Pappas to Ithaka Darin Pappas in January 2000.

Ithaka was born and raised in Southern California, but later established himself in Japan, Greece, Portugal and Brazil (where the artist currently resides).

In Lisbon he recorded his first two hip hop albums, Flowers And The Color Of Paint and Stellafly. His song, Escape From The City Of Angels appeared on the soundtrack for Columbia Pictures' feature release, The Replacement Killers.[8] Using his alter-ego name of Korvorão (a Portuguese language translation of the portmanteau, raven-shark) sometimes spelled Korvowrong or Korvorowng, Ithaka was also the lyricist/vocalist of the A cappella poem "So Get Up" that the hit dance track So Get Up by Underground Sound Of Lisbon was built upon.[9]

During his active years in Portugal, the artist's musical projects were nominated for a total of nine Blitz Awards (the Portuguese equivalent of The Grammy Awards) including; Best Album (for "Flowers And The Color Of Paint" in 1995[10] and Stellafly in 1997) and Best Male Vocalist (in 1995 & 1997). In addition, the prestigious national newspaper, Publico awarded his 1997 release Stellafly as "Album Of The Year" and considered his most popular song from that record Seabra Is Mad as both the "Song Of The Year" and "Video Of The Year". In an end of the decade retrospective article about Portuguese music, Publico also cited his debut release "Flowers And The Color Of Paint" as one of the country's Ten Most Influential Albums Of The 1990s.

In 1994, the international hit "So Get Up" that Ithaka wrote the lyrics for and vocalized (in participation with Underground Sound Of Lisbon) was nominated for "Song Of The Year" at that year's Blitz Awards, and later climbed to 8th Place on Billboard's U.K. Independent Dance Charts (and 52nd on Billboard's U.S. independent Dance Charts).

In 1998, after over six years in Portugal, Ithaka returned to California where he recorded his third album called Somewhere South Of Somalia with producer Conley Abrams III. The lyrics from this album were written on a two month journey into East Africa.[11] Later Ithaka relocated his base to Rio de Janeiro where he recorded two more albums, Recorded In Rio and Saltwater Nomad. In 2007, he briefly returned to Portugal to record with former Underground Sound of Lisbon member DJ Vibe, providing vocals and lyrics for the track "You".

In 2011, Sweatlodge Records released Fishdaddy Flashbacks highlighting some of the artist's more memorable songs from the beginning of his career in 1994 until present. And in early 2013, Ithaka produced his first all instrumental album, Voiceless Blue Raven. And also collaborated with the seventy-six year old trip hop vocalist, Cyncy. Both projects for the indy label Sweatlodge Records.[12]

In addition to creating music, his short story series entitled, Fishdaddy Chronicles, has appeared in surfing magazines around the world including Surfer (magazine), The Surfer's Journal, Water and Transworld Surf".[13] In 2009, his short story "Miracle At Malibu" was published in the book entitled Surf Story, a collective volume of stories and surf culture compiled by Robb Havassy.[14]

His abstract photographic art and body of sculpture work known as The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard have been exhibited globally, his most recent solo showings were hosted by The Camp in Costa Mesa, California in June 2010,[15] Gallery Alma Do Mar in São Paulo, Brazil in October 2010, WOA-Way Of Arts in Lisbon, Portugal in December 2012 .[16] and Hurley International in Orange County, California in October 2013.

At present the artist creates most of his musical, photographic and sculptural works at Recanto Akahti, his small ranch in rural South America located on the edge of the Atlantic Forest in AkahtiLândia, Brazil.[17]

Ithaka: The Poem[edit]

Ithaka borrowed his pseudonym specifically from the title of the poem "Ithaca" by the Greek poet, Constantine P. Cavafy, which in short summarizes that a journey is more important than the destination, that enjoyment of the journey of life, and the increasing maturity of the soul as that journey continues, are all the traveler can ask for. The poem, Ithaka has stated publicly, has served as a kind of life guide for the artist since he was in his early twenties. It should be noted that Cafavy's poem itself was inspired by the Homeric return journey of Odysseus to his home Ithaca (Island), as depicted in the Odyssey, even further connecting the artist Ithaka to his Greek ancestry.

The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard[edit]

In 1989, while living in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, Ithaka began one of the major art projects of his life, The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard. This is a large body of contemporary sculpture work created using garbaged surfboards as raw building material and recycling them into wall-hanging modern art pieces. The series to date, which is said to contain an estimated three hundred full-sized sculptures, has been exhibited on four continents and featured in hundreds of magazines and on many TV features. The most recent solo exhibitions of these works were hosted by Hurley Clothing in Costa Mesa, California in October 2013 and WOA: Way Of Arts in Cascais, Portugal in December 2012. He has been active with this medium continuously since its inception and in every area of the planet that he has had residence; Japan, Greece, Portugal and Brazil - with additional individual pieces made in Mexico. In December of 2012 during an interview piece regarding his solo showing of surfboard sculptures at Gallery WOA in Lisbon, Fuel TV Europe (a popular action sports channel) declared that Ithaka was "the Godfather of contemporary surf art".[18]

The "So Get Up" Controversy[edit]

In 1993, Ithaka wrote and recited a poem called So Get Up for his weekly segment of a radio program called Quatro Bairro on Antena One in Lisbon, Portugal. The next year he rerecorded it as a guest performer to be the primary vocal of a B-Side single for the Portuguese dance music group called Underground Sound Of Lisbon. The song became an instant national hit and was later released internationally as a ten-mix, double vinyl set on New York's Tribal Records (a subsidiary of I.R.S. Records/E.M.I. Records). The song climbed to 8th place on the Billboard's Independent Dance Music Charts for the U.K. - and number 52nd in the United States. Since 1995, the song has been remixed a minimum of a hundred times including versions by such greats as Fat Boy Slim, Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia and has appeared on over fifty compilations with combined sales in the millions. As the original music has been stripped away by each succeeding producer, the only singularly unifying element of all 100+ mixes is Ithaka's poem and his vocals. Ironically, the song which was considered the first modern "Portuguese" musical export was released without even a "featuring Ithaka" credit even though Ithaka, a Californian, was the primary publishing rights owner of the track and never a member of the Underground Sound Of Lisbon project. Reportedly no actual record royalties were paid to Ithaka for nearly two decades and lawsuits followed, finally being resolved for an undisclosed amount.[19]

The Tomas Blots[edit]

Omni-present in all of Ithaka's forms of expression are The Tomas Blots. These are a series of eleven blot-like symbols that Ithaka's father, Tomas Pappas drew before him approximately two hours before his death on February 13, 1991 in Mesa, Arizona. These symbols appear in almost every aspect of Ithaka's artistic life; on his record covers, in his photographs and sculptures and very frequently as collage-paintings.

Influence In Marijuana And Cannabis Culture[edit]

Although never publicly advocating its use, through the years Ithaka's name has been periodically associated with marijuana and cannabis culture, perhaps due to the street credibility of his hip hop song Escape From The City Of Angels or his long term sponsorship agreement with Hemp Hoodlamb (Hempworks)[20] an organic cotton and hemp street wear company from the Netherlands. In 2011, Kommunity Growers, a legal Hydroponics Cannabis cultivation facility in Southern California introduced a potent hybrid strain of marijuana called Ithaka Blue in honor of the artist and his favorite color. However, the product was short-lived and taken off the market within a year, most users complaining it was too much like Skunk (Cannabis) to be considered anything other than by that name. In 2013, an e-cigarette atomizer/Vaporizer (inhalation device) named Ithaka,[21] largely designed for the inhaling of marijuana oil vapor, was introduced to the public by Oakor Industries.[22] However, it is unclear if this was an authorized or unauthorized usage of the artist's name.

Personal life[edit]

In the late 1980's, Ithaka was romantically linked with academy-award winner Marlee Matlin,[23] according to the actress's autobiography, "I'll Scream Later",[24] (published in 2009 by Gallery Books). From 1998-2004, he was married to the Portuguese-Angolan painter, Lô.


Solo Releases[edit]

  • 2013 Voiceless Blue Raven - 21 song cd album [Sweatlodge Records][25]
  • 2011 Fishdaddy Flashbacks -15 song cd album [Sweatlodge Records][26]
  • 2007 Saltwater Nomad - 13 song cd album [Sweatlodge Records][27]
  • 2005 Fuse With Me - cd single + remix of "N Portugal" (by Ithaka vs. Cartell 70) [Ground Zero Records]
  • 2004 Recorded in Rio - 15 song cd album [Sweatlodge Records][28]
  • 2001 Somewhere South of Somalia - 19 song cd album [Sweatlodge Records/Khalifa Records][29]
  • 2000 Stellafly: USA Edition - 13 song cd album [BCB Records][30]
  • 1998 The Rise And Fall Of A Fortune - 8 song e.p. for European promotional use only [Nortesul/Valentim de Carvalho/EMI]
  • 1997 Stellafly: European Edition - 17 song cd album [Nortesul/Valentim de Carvalho/EMI][31]
  • 1997 Stay Strong Little Brother - cd single [Nortesul/Valentim de Carvalho/EMI][32]
  • 1997 Seabra Is Mad - cd single with bonus track Butterfly Of Wisdom [Nortesul/Valentim de Carvalho/EMI][33]
  • 1995 Flowers and the Color of Paint - 13 song cd album [Fabrica De Sons/Movieplay Records][34]
  • 1995 Fishdaddy - cd single released with Super Jovem Magazine [Fabrica De Sons/Movieplay Records][35]

Solo Art Exhibits (sculpture, painting, photography)[edit]

  • 2013 The Town Hall at Hurley International Headquarters in Costa Mesa, California (Sculpture, Painting and Photography)
  • 2012 Gallery WOA: Way Of Arts (Sculpture, Video & Photography) - Cascais, Portugal[36]
  • 2011 Nike Posto 5.0 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (sculpture) [37][38]
  • 2010 The Camp - Costa Mesa, California[39] (sculpture, photography)
  • 2010 Gallery Alma Do Mar - São Paulo, Brazil (sculpture. photography)
  • 2008 Clash - Lisbon, Portugal (sculpture)
  • 2007 Gallery WOA: Way Of Arts - Estoril, Portugal (sculpture)
  • 2000 International Surfing Museum - Huntington Beach California (sculpture)
  • 1998 Gallery Ze Dos Bois "Quality_Time: Part One" (Photography)- Lisbon, Portugal (photography, text, performance)
  • 1996 IPJ: Instituto Portuguesa Da Juventude "UMBILICUS" (Photography)- Lisbon, Portugal (photography)
  • 1995 Universidade Moderna - Lisbon, Portugal (sculpture)
  • 1992 Gallery YMA -(Photography and Sculpture) Tokyo, Japan (sculpture, photography)
  • 1990 Pepperdine University - Los Angeles, California (sculpture)

Group Art Exhibits[edit]

Guest Musical Appearances[edit]

  • 2013 Cyncy - "Sometimes Life Gets In The Way" (Ithaka: music production)[44] Sweatlodge Records-USA
  • 2011 Paul Mandaca - Eden by The Sea / cd album (Ithaka: all lyrics) [45]
  • 2011 Si Brad - "20 Years" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics) [46](Toko Records-U.K.)
  • 2008 Pan Electric - "Someone, Somewhere" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)
  • 2007 DJ Vibe - "You" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)[47]
  • 2005 Cartell 70 - "In the Name of Religion" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)[48][49]
  • 2000 Primitive Reason - "The Day Will Come", "I'm The Man Who Got No Plan" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)
  • 1998 Mind Da Gap - "Intro" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)
  • 1998 More Republica Masonica - "Grounded Song" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)
  • 1998 Tejo Beat - "The Day Was Hot" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics). Produced by Mario Caldato, Jr.
  • 1997 General D - "Ekos Do Passado" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)
  • 1996 Cool Hipnoise - "Hidden By The Sea"" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)
  • 1996 Red Beans - "Sunny The Bunny", "Sushi-Pack Subway", Excerpt From Return To The City Of Angels" ((Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)
  • 1996 Marta Dias - "Look To The Blue", "Learn To Fly" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)
  • 1994 Underground Sound of Lisbon - "So Get Up" (Ithaka: vocals, lyrics)

Music used in other media[edit]

  • 2013 "Nicateen"[50]- Ithaka's song "Coffin Alley Confinement" (from the album: Voiceless Blue Raven) used in short surfing video by Quiksilver Films shot in Nicaragua
  • 2007 NBA2K7[51]- Ithaka tracks "Dine N Dash", "Seabra Is Mad" and "Whatcha Gotta Do" featured in ESPN Games Xbox 360 basketball game, NBA2K7.
  • 2006 "Chasing The Lotus"[52] Surf film directed by Gregory Schell featured Ithaka's song, Seabra Is Mad.
  • 2006 "Lost Jewel Of The Atlantic"[53] Song "Who's The Enemy?" by Ithaka featuring gabriel O Pensador featured in this environmental surf film about Surfing in Madeira.
  • 2005 "Samba, Trance and Rock N Roll":[54] Ithaka's song "Muerto Escondido" appeared in surfing film by director Rafael Mellin. Winner of 2005 Best Film award at the International Surf Film Festival St Jean de Luz - France.
  • 2004 Ithaka song "Escape From The City Of Angels" featured on the Sitcom, Good Girls Don't (TV series) on Oxygen (TV channel). Season 1-Episode 3: "Addicted To Love"[55][56]
  • 2004 Timmy Turner's Second Thoughts - Ithaka's song "The Plot" featured in surfing documentary about Indonesia. Winner of Surfer magazine Poll Award for Best Video.
  • 1998 The Replacement Killers - Ithaka track's "Escape From The City Of Angels" appeared this Columbia Pictures' action release. Starring Mira Sorvino and Chow Yun-fat. Directed by Antoine Fuqua
  • 1995 "G-Land Pro" - Ithaka track's "Flowers And The Color Of Paint" and "The Pigeon Lady" featured in official video of Quiksilver's World Tour Surfing Event at Gradjagan, Indonesia. Sequence features surfing by world champions Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll (surfer), Derek Ho and others.

Articles and Short Stories By Ithaka[edit]

  • 2010 “RETURN TO THE MOTHERLAND” - Published in The Surfer’s Journal,[57] Surf Portugal Magazine, Fluir magazine-Brazil, Goodtimes Magazine-Greece)
  • 2010 “FERNANDO DE NORONHA – A clumsy name for a spectacular speck on the map” Transworld Surf Magazine-USA
  • 2010 "MIRACLE AT MALIBU" published in the book, Surf Story (compiled by Robb Havassy)
  • 2007 “MOEMA” published in Water Magazine
  • 2007 "MOROCCO IS:" published in Water Magazine
  • 2007 " DOS CAES" published in Water Magazine. This story previously appeared in Onfire magazine (Portugal-2004) and International Surf (USA-1993)
  • 2007 "OXYGEN FALLS" published in Water Magazine
  • 2006 "PALM TREE REEF" (published in Water Magazine)
  • 2006 "MOMENTS OF INSANITY" published in Water Magazine
  • 2003 "STILTS" published in Water Magazine
  • 2003 "ADVENTURES IN ADVERTISING" published in Water Magazine
  • 2003 "THE FORGOTTEN FOUR" published Water Magazine
  • 2000 "CARCAVELOS BROWNS" published in Surfer Magazine and Wavelength (magazine) (UK)
  • 1993 "STELLAFLY" [published in Shortcut(Japan) & Lava (US)]<

Book Appearances[edit]

  • 2012 "Stop, Think, Go, Do: How Typography and Graphic Design Influence Behavior"[58] Ithaka's photo series Umbilicus featured in book by By Steven Heller, Mirko Ilic (Rockport publishers)
  • 2009 "SURF STORY" [59]
  • 2007 EUROPEAN STORMRIDER GUIDE" by Bruce Sutherland
  • 2004 BELONG: A TV Journalist's Search for Urban Culture[60] – by Jennifer Morton (Canada)
  • 2003 ALTAS-LUZES[61] - by Rita Carmo & Miguel Cadete (Portugal)
  • 2000 THE END OF PRINT[62] by David Carson (graphic designer) (USA)

Important Magazine And Web Articles and Interviews About Ithaka[edit]

  • 2014 FLUIR MAGAZINE (Brazil) "Criar, Surfar, Amar e Viajar" by Ricardo Macario [February Issue 2014/Edition #340]
  • 2013 THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER (USA) "Transforming Broken Boards Into Art"[63] by Laylan Connelly - Published in Local Section on October 10, 2013
  • 2013 THE SURFER JOURNAL (Brazil) "AkahtiLândia, O Sonho de Íthaka" by Jair Bortoleto Published in Volume 2 - Issue 2 in October 2013
  • 2103 UP MAGAZINE (International - 0wned by TAP Portugal airlines) "Professional Vagabond"[64] by Maria Ana Ventura with portrait by Dede Fedrizzi - Publlished in September 2013
  • 2013 JORNAL I. NEWSPAPER (Portugal) "Ithaka Is Also Mad"[65] by Beatriz Silva - Published May 4, 2013
  • 2012 SURF PORTUGAL MAGAZINE (Europe) "Pranchas Renascidas"[66] 2-page feature about Ithaka's art by Susana Santos with photos by Ricardo Bravo (Nov.Dec. 2012- issue #238)
  • 2010 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY (USA) "The Nomadic Journey Of A Renegade Artist"[67] Cover and 6-page feature on Ithaka's life and work (July 2010 Issue)
  • 2009 EXTREME EXPERTS MAGAZINE (Greece) "Ithaka"[68] 5-page article about Ithaka's life, art and music published in August 2009 issue.
  • 2009 SURFAR MAGAZINE (Brazil) "Surfar Arte"[69] 4-page feature on Ithaka's recycled sufrboard art written by Nancy Geringer published in Nov./Dec. 2009 Issue
  • 2009 GENTE JOVEM MAGAZINE (Portugal) "Ithaka"[70] 4-page feature about the art, music and life of Ithaka by Sofia Carmo published in January 2009 issue
  • 2008 MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE (Portugal Edition) "A Arte de Expressão"[71] 2-page article/interview about Ithaka's life, art and music by Sandra Mauricio published in May 2008 issue
  • 2006 FOAM MAGAZINE (USA) "Electric Glue"[72] 3-page feature about Ithaka's art and music feature written by Monika Zeldin featured in Spring 2006 issue.
  • 2005 HIP HOP NATION MAGAZINE (Europe) "Ithaka: De Mochila As Costas"[73] 3-page article/interview about Ithaka's music written by Ana Abraão published in Issue #19 (June 2005)
  • 2002 WATER MAGAZINE (USA) "Fishdaddy":[74] an 8-page feature about Ithaka's art and music appearing in Volume 1 - Issue 1 - Spring 2002 - Published by Bluewater Publishing/Steve Zeldin
  • 1996 SPEAK MAGAZINE [75] (Cover story) 4-page article about "Umbilicus" a photo exhibition of navels created by Ithaka on the streets of Tokyo
  • 1992 DETOUR MAGAZINE (USA)[76] 4-page interview feature about Ithaka's sculpture and photography work written by editor Jim Turner (also founder of Flaunt) - April 1992 issue.
  • 1990 BEACH CULTURE MAGAZINE (USA) 4-page feature about Ithaka's photography and surfboard art by Steve Barilotto. Graphics by David Carson (graphic designer) in Issue #5.[77]


  • 2014 "SURF, ARTE e DIVERSÃO" (Surf, Arte and Fun) A documentary produced by Moana Films directed by Lorena Montenegro revolving around the lives and work of artists, Ithaka, Hilton Alves and Tom Viega.[78]
  • 2006 "ON THE ROAD TO ITHAKA" A documentary about the artist directed by Susanna Lira. Winner of the Best Script Award[79] at the FATU[80] Film Festival, São Paulo Brazil

Selected Commercial Photography Work[edit]

  • 2014 Cover of Ipsilon Magazine (music, culture supplement of the newspaper Público (Portugal) ) for General D[81] story
  • 2013 Portrait of photographic artist Annabella Pritchard for Deja-Vu magazine (France)
  • 2002 Ocean Pacific: Fashion and Perfume campaign. Uses: Teen Vogue, Maxim (magazine) etc.
  • 1995 General D: Pé Na Tchon Karapinha Na Céu" for EMI Records. Portugal's very first hip hop release.
  • 1994 Manual Of Evasion LX94 - publicity for "Manual Of Evasion LX94", Edgar Pêra's Dadaist film about Time.

Starring Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson & Rudy Rucker.""

SO GET UP[edit]

Documented uses of Ithaka's vocal & poem, So Get Up ©1993 in modern music appearing under varying titles. Poem was originally recorded for Radio Antenna 1 in Lisbon, Portugal. However, most musical versions stemmed from uses/sampling of the a cappella version that he recorded for Underground Sound Of Lisbon in Portugal, 1994. Note: This list includes both legal and unauthorized uses.

  • 2014 Igor Carmo - "So Get Up" (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals)[85] Nervous records
  • 2014 Swing Kings - "The End Of The Earth" (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) [86] Orange Groove Records
  • 2013 Bob Ray & Van Dyuk "So Get Up" (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals)[87] Elektrobeats Records
  • 2013 Cosmic Gate - "So Get Up" (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) [88] - (Germany)
  • 2014 JJ Mullor, Dani Sbert - "So Get Up" (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals)[89] Supermarket Records
  • 2012 Derek Marin - "The End Of The Earth" (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals)[90]
  • 2008 Mowree - "So Get Up: Next Life Mowree Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals)[91] Tribal Records
  • 2003 Orion's Voice - "The Next Life": Original Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) Re-Fuel Records, Netherlands[92]
  • 2003 Orion's Voice - "The Next Life": Orgin Unknown Remix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) Re-Fuel Records, Netherlands[93]
  • 2000 Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook - Fatboy Slim's Greatest Remixes - "Get Up, Go Insane!"[94] (lyrics, vocals) Priarity Records
  • 2000 Atlantis ITA - See You In The Next Life : Original Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) Overodose Records, Germany[95]
  • 2000 Atlantis ITA - See You In The Next Life : Dj Scot Project Remix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) Overodose Records, Germany[96]
  • 1997 Stretch & Verne - "Get Up, Go Insane !" (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) Spot On Records - U.K.
  • 1995 Public Domain - "So Get Up" : Jeremy Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) BZRK Records, Netherlands [97][98]
  • 1995 Public Domain - "So Get Up" : Dr. Phil's Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) BZRK Records, Netherlands[99]
  • 1995 Public Domain - "So Get Up" : Original Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) BZRK Records, Netherlands[100]
  • 1994 Orion's Voice - "The Next Life": Original Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) [101]
  • 1994 Sarasite - "The End Of The Earth": Jatzzup Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) Melody Maker Records, Italy[102]
  • 1994 Sarasite - "The End Of The Earth": Patrick P.d.j. Tribal Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) Melody Maker Records, Italy[103]
  • 1994 Sarasite - "The End Of The Earth": M.C. Hair New Wave Vibrations Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) Melody Maker Records, Italy[104]
  • 1994 Danny Tenaglia - "So Get Up: Danny Tenaglia Remix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals)[105] Tribal Records - NY/UK
  • 1994 Junior Vasquez - "So Get Up: Junior's Factory Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals)[106] Tribal Records - NY/UK
  • 1994 Underground Sound of Lisbon - "So Get Up": Original Mix (Ithaka: lyrics, vocals) Kaos Portugal & Tribal Records - NY/UK


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