Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

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Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Established 1948/1998[1]
Type Public
Dean Jacqueline Jones Royster[2]
Academic staff 202 (132 permanent, 70 temporary)[3]
Students 1246 (963 undergraduate, 283 graduate)[4]
Postgraduates 281[4]
Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Website iac.gatech.edu

The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at the Georgia Institute of Technology has gradually evolved to contain a wide variety of liberal arts subjects at a school known predominantly for engineering. The College is named after Ivan Allen, Jr., a Georgia Tech alumnus and former mayor of Atlanta.


When the Georgia School of Technology opened, English was among the six subjects taught at the time.[1] Modern Languages, Economics, and Geography were all taught at Tech before World War I.[1] These subjects, however, were not grouped into a formal school of liberal arts. In 1948, the General College was created; in 1981, it was renamed the College of Sciences and Liberal Studies.[1] In 1990, the latter college was divided, creating the Ivan Allen College of Management, Policy, & International Affairs. In 1998, the School of Management was spun off into its own college, leaving the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. It is now considered a model example of university education that pairs technical ability with liberal arts knowledge.[1]


The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts comprises six schools, offering ten Bachelor of Science Degrees, eight Master of Science Degrees, and six Doctoral Degrees. There are more than 950 undergraduate students in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, as well as 283 Masters and Ph.D. students, and more than 200 full-time faculty and scholars. The College also hosts Georgia Tech's Army, Air Force, and Navy ROTC units.[5][6]

School of Economics[edit]

School of History, Technology, and Society[edit]

Sam Nunn School of International Affairs[edit]

School of Literature, Media, and Communication[edit]

School of Modern Languages[edit]

School of Public Policy[edit]


Degrees and Programs[edit]

All six schools in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts offer Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees. With the exception of the School of Modern Languages, each school offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees.[6]

Bachelor of Science Programs

Five-Year Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Programs

Master of Science Programs

Doctor of Philosophy Programs

Minors & Certificates The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts offers 40 different Minor and Certificate options.[6]

Minors Certificates
Chinese African-American Studites (LMC & HTS)
Economics American Literature (LMC)
Energy Systems Asian Affairs (HTS & INTA)
Film & Media Studies Chinese (ML)
French Economics (ECON)
German European Affairs (HTS & INTA)
History European Union Studies (INTA)
International Affairs Film Studies (LMC)
Japanese French (ML)
Law, Science, & Technology German (ML)
Leadership Studies History (HTS)
Linguistics International Affairs (INTA)
Performance Studies Japanese (ML)
Philosophy, Science, & Technology Latin American Affairs (INTA)
Political Science Literary & Cultural Studies (LMC)
Public Policy Public Policy (PUBP)
Russian Studies Russian Studies (ML)
Sociology Spanish (ML)
Spanish Sociology (HTS)
Women, Science, & Technology


Ivan Allen College faculty, research faculty, and students work in over 30 areas of inquiry exploring social and humanistic issues, both locally and globally. The college's unique position within a preeminent technological research university provides an environment for faculty to engage in interdisciplinary research addressing complex and critical local, regional, and global challenges. Much research is being done to examine how society shapes and is shaped by science and technology.[8]

IAC faculty are increasing the diversity and interdisciplinary aspects of the liberal arts through research collaborations with scientists and engineers, as well as local, national and international academic, business and government partners.[8]

The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts is home to:

  • One of the largest concentrations in the nation of researchers on the science, technology, and engineering workforce
  • Distinguished historians and sociologists whose works characterize the development and impact of science and technology
  • Literary scholars and artists whose media are digital
  • One of the few policy schools in the nation with a focus on science and technology policy[9]

Major Areas of Research[edit]

Economics History, Technology & Society International Affairs Literature, Media, & Communication Modern Languages Public Policy Cross-College
Development Economics Comparative Global Cultures in the Modern Era Comparative Politics of Europe, Asia, & Latin America Augmented Reality Linguistics Economic Development Energy & Environment
Environmental Economics Comparative Urban Societies International & Comparative Political Economy Biomedical Studies Environmental & Energy Policy Gender
Industrial Organization Science, Technology, & Medicine International Security Cognition & Philosophy Information & Communications Policy Health & Biomedicine
International Trade Gender, Race, Ethnicity, & Class Science, Technology, & International Affairs Emergence of Digital Games Philosophy & Ethics Philosophy & Ethics
Nation, Empire, & Comparative Political Traditions Film Studies Science & Technology Policy Latin America & Latino/a Studies
Interactive Narrative

Reference for table:[10]

Research Centers[edit]


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