Ivan Bunić Vučić

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Ivan Bunić Vučić.

Đivo Sarov Bunić (Italian: Giovanni Serafino Bona; early 1591 or 1592 – 6 March 1658), now known predominantly as Ivan Bunić Vučić, was a Croatian politician and poet from the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik).


He was born into a large family in Dubrovnik. He was a member of the Ragusean aristocracy (see House of Bunić), and was five times elected as Rector (Knez) of the Republic of Ragusa. He wrote poetry in the Croatian language. His most important work is Plandovanja, a collection of 109 poems which included new motives in Croatian literature. Only his poem Mandaljena pokornica was printed during his life, and is considered a well-versed example of Baroque style poetry. His complete works were printed in 1849.

He died at Dubrovnik in 1658

In 1992 the newly formed Croatian government released a commemorative stamp in honor of the "400th anniversary since the birth of Ivan Bunić Vučić."[1]

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