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This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs; the patronymic is Ivanovich and the family name is Bushko.

Ivan Bushko (born March 10, 1969, Vynohradiv Zakarpattia Oblast) is a Ukrainian politician, MP of Ukraine of the VII convocation from the Party of Regions. He is also the president of the football club “Sevliush” of Vynohradiv, and the head of the Council of Transcarpathian football clubs presidents.


In 2005, Busko received a degree in Accounting and Auditing from Transcarpathian State University.

Working career[edit]

In 1986 he became a worker of the vinicultural brigade, a driver of vehicle fleet of the 8th of March sovkhoz [1] in Zakarpattia Oblast in Vynohradiv, where he worked until May 1987. From May 1987 until June 1989, he served his military service in the ranks of the Soviet Army in the Sambir district of Lviv Oblast.

Upon return from military service, he worked from 1989 until 1991 at Vynohradiv plant “Electron”. After two years of temporary unemployment, he worked as a commodity expert in the incorporated industrial and commercial company in Zakarpattia. He served as the deputy director of the company starting in 1994, where he had been working for 3 years. The following thirteen years he worked as a private entrepreneur.

In April 2010, he became the first deputy head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration (RSA), supervising the issues of capital construction, property management and privatization, industrial policy and infrastructure development, regional development, urban planning and architecture, energy, transport and communications, emergencies, as well as the advisor to the Governor.

Bushko is also a member of the Party of Regions. He was elected to the post of deputy of Vynohradiv City Council of the third convocation and to the posts of deputy of the Transcarpathian Regional Council of the fourth, fifth and sixth convocations. He led the faction of the Party of Regions in the regional council of the fifth convocation. Ivan Bushko participated in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in October 2012 as the candidate of the Party of Regions in a single-mandate majoritarian election district № 73 and won. He ceased his activity as the deputy head of the RSA due to a transfer to another appointment in the Parliament as the head of inter-factional parliamentary group "Zakarpattia". On December 12, 2012 he received a mandate of the people’s deputy of Ukraine. He is a member of the Committee for Family, Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism. He is also Chairman of the Subcommittee on the issues of tourism, resorts and recreational activity of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Family, Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism.[2]

Public activity[edit]

Ivan Bushko actively advocates radical reforms in the economic and social spheres, overcoming corruption in power structures and law enforcement. He does his best to promote European integration processes in Ukraine. He is a supporter of non-political rusynism. On July 13, 2013 he participated in the XII World Congress of Rusyns in Uzhgorod, where he stated his willingness to personally raise the issue of recognition of Rusyns as nationality in the Parliament of Ukraine. Source


Bushko is married with two children, a daughter and a son.


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