Ivan Lebedeff

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Ivan Lebedeff
Ivan Lebedeff.jpg
Born (1894-06-18)18 June 1894
Užpaliai, Lithuania
Died 31 March 1953(1953-03-31) (aged 57)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1926-1953
Spouse(s) Wera Engels (1941-?)

Ivan Lebedeff (18 June 1894 – 31 March 1953) was a Russian film actor. He appeared in 66 films between 1926 and 1953.

He was born in Ushpol (later Užpaliai), Lithuania, then part of the Russian Empire, on June 18, 1894,[1] and died in Los Angeles, California, from a heart attack.

He migrated to the United States in 1925 and in 1930 was recorded at Los Angeles as an actor.[2]

On August 15, 1937, he was recorded as re-entering the United States from Mexico, when it was noted that he had resided in the U. S. between October 2, 1925 and October 14, 1930, and again between April 20, 1932, and August 13, 1937. His closest relation was given as his sister Nathalie Lebedeff, of Nice, in the south of France.[3]

On November 12, 1937, he was naturalized in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.[4]

He died on March 31, 1953.[5]

Selected filmography[edit]


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