Ivan Mikhailovich Simonov

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Ivan Mikhailovich Simonov
Simonov Ivan Mikh-ch astronomer c1850.jpg
Born June 20 (July 1), 1794
Gorokhovets, Russian Empire
Died Jan. 10 (22), 1855
Nationality Russian
Fields Astronomy
Institutions Kazan State University

Ivan Mikhailovich Simonov (1794-1855)[1][2] was a Russian astronomer and a geodesist.


He completed his studies and became a professor of physics at Kazan State University in 1816[3] where he was a close friend of Nikolai Lobachevsky.[2] He was a corresponding member of the Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciences from 1829 and later went on to become the rector of Kazan State University in 1846.[1]


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