Ivan Okhlobystin

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Ivan Okhlobystin
Ohlobyistin Ivan 2.jpg
Ohlobyistin in 2012
Born (1966-07-22) 22 July 1966 (age 47)
Polenovo, Tula Oblast, USSR
Occupation Actor, director, screenwriter
Years active 1983–present

Ivan Ivanovich Okhlobystin (Russian: Ива́н Ива́нович Охлобы́стин; born  22 July 1966) is a Russian actor, director and screenwriter.

Okhlobystin became popular in the late 1990s but, following a religious conversion, withdrew to a monastery and became a Russian Orthodox priest. In early 2010 he resumed his entertainment career. Later that year he was named the creative director of Euroset, Russia's largest handset retailer.[1]

Okhlobystin plays head of the therapy department in the medical sitcom Interny. On 5 September 2011 he announced that he would run for President of Russia in 2012 through the "Sky Coalition", but later gave up the idea, citing the opinion of the Russian Orthodox Church.[2]

Appearing in RTVi's (Echo Moskvy's) Without Fools broadcast on December 2, 2012 Okhlobystin declared himself to be a "national-patriot" and claimed to "know" that "in the year when the head of State and the head of Church in Russia will both die", he will become the next President of the new Russian Empire. Saying, "the Russian people will vote for me, and the Russian Church will anoint me", he said that he'll immediately put up a new Iron Wall around Russia and start a campaign of "cleansing", in order to "rebuild the Russian nation".[3]

Okhlobystin is known for his homophobic views. He said that he wanted to "burn homosexuals alive", since they are a "constant threat to his children" and that he could not watch this "Sodom and Gomorrah" any longer.[4]

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