Ivan Ribar

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Ivan Ribar
Ivan Ribar.jpg
Ivan Ribar
1st President of the Constituent Assembly
In office
Preceded by Office established
1st President of the Presidency of the People's Assembly
In office
29 December 1945 – 14 January 1953
Prime Minister Josip Broz Tito
Preceded by Office established
King Peter IIa
(as King of Yugoslavia)
Succeeded by Josip Broz Titoa
(as President of Yugoslavia)
Personal details
Born (1881-01-21)21 January 1881
Vukmanić, Croatia-Slavonia, Austria-Hungary
Died 11 June 1968(1968-06-11) (aged 87)
Zagreb, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia
Citizenship Yugoslav
Nationality Croat
Political party Communist Party of Yugoslavia (KPJ)
Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Tonica Ribar
Children Jurica Ribar, Ivo Lola Ribar
Occupation Politician
Profession Lawyer
a Between 1945-53, the President of the Assembly was also the Yugoslav head of state. From 14 January 1953 the president of the assembly was no longer head of state, but was succeeded in that role by the office of the President of Yugoslavia which was first occupied by Josip Broz Tito, and held by him up to his death in 1980.
Ivan Ribar (left) and Partisan commander Josip Broz Tito during the Battle of the Sutjeska

Ivan Ribar (Croatian pronunciation: [ǐvan rîbaːr]; 21 January 1881 - 11 June 1968) was a Yugoslav politician of Croatian descent.

Ribar was born in Vukmanić (part of Karlovac). He had a PhD in law. In politics, Ribar was:

  • President of the Royal Parliamentary Assembly, 1920 - 1922
  • President of Executive Committee, Anti-Fascist Council of People's Liberation of Yugoslavia, 26 Oct 1942 - 4 Dec 1943
  • Chairman of the Presidium of the Provisional People's Assembly, 4 Dec 1943 - 5 Mar 1945
  • Chairman of the Presidium of the National Assembly, 29 Dec 1945 - 14 Jan 1953

Ivan Ribar lost his entire family during World War II: two sons Jurica Ribar and Ivo Lola Ribar, as well as his wife Tonica. Both sons fought for the Partisans against the Italian Fascists. Ivo Lola Ribar, his younger son, was in charge of the Young Communist League of Yugoslavia (SKOJ) during the war, and was proclaimed posthumously a People's Hero of Yugoslavia.

Ivan Ribar died in Zagreb at the age of 87.

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Political offices
Preceded by
King Peter II
as King of Yugoslavia
President of the Presidency of the People's Assembly
Succeeded by
Josip Broz Tito
as President of Yugoslavia
New office Succeeded by
Milovan Đilas
as President of the Federal Assembly