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Ivan Tucakov and Tambura Rasa
Ivan Tucakov RimeF s.jpg
Ivan Tucakov, Vancouver, 2007
Background information
Origin Canada Flag of Canada.svg
Genres World Fusion
Balkan Music
Afro-Cuban jazz
Indian Classical Music
Gypsy Music
Years active 2004–present
Labels Independent / Tambura Rasa
Website www.tamburarasa.com
Members Ivan Tucakov - guitar
Michael Fraser - violin
John Bews - bass
Trevor Grant - drums

Ivan Tucakov (born in 1978 in Belgrade) is a world music composer, guitarist, producer and promoter currently living in Vancouver, Canada.


Tucakov, of Serbo-Croatian descent, spent the first eight years of his childhood in the plains of central Turkey, then moved to live in Serbia, both the crossroads of eastern and western cultures and music. Throughout the years, he has done extensive travelling around the worlds gathering inspiration from various cultures. He explored the techniques of Balkan Music, Afro-Cuban jazz, Flamenco, Indian Classical Music, Music of Cuba, Persian Music, Fado, Gypsy Music and many more.[1]

Tambura Rasa[edit]

Ivan Tucakov formed collective Tambura Rasa with his good friend, tabla player, Tarun Nayar in 2004. Their music merges Tarun's Indian Classical Music knowledge with Ivan's Balkan and Iberian influences. Some of the continuing members of the band include violinist Michael Fraser, bass player John Bews and drummer Trevor Grant & percussionist Pepe Danza.

Tambura Rasa has released two CDs: 'Sunrise on a New World' (2004) and 'Viaje' (2006)


Studio albums[edit]

  • Sunrise on a New World (2004)
  1. Cinnabar
  2. Plamen
  3. Funky Bedouin
  4. Isla Mujeres / Yuandao (featuring Chris Suen on Diao and Xia)
  5. El Gharbi (featuring Aboubacar Camara with African singing)
  6. Anadol
  7. Hey Mister
  8. Ningchen (featuring Chris Suen on Diao and Xia)
  9. Makumba (featuring Aboubacar Camara with African singing)
  10. Nada
  • Viaje (2006)
Ivan Tucakov and Tambura Rasa - Viaje

"Ten tracks fusing rhythms and instruments from Balkan, Iberian, South American and South Asian traditions. A cut above typical flamenco jazz. This has spark, skill and great production." (June 6, 2006) - The Province - by: Stuart Derdeyn

"... It's like a trip around the world, and you don't need to pack or track down your passport. ... The skill level of the performance ensemble is quite high, so world guitar fans should almost consider this a must-have; at the very least, have a listen and hear for yourself. Highly recommended." (Dec, 2006) - Guitar Nine Records

  1. Anadol (featuring Brian Poulsen on solo guitar)
  2. Jovano Jovanke
  3. Delirio (featuring David Sorroche with Flamenco singing)
  4. Viaje(featuring Victor Chorobik on duduk and flutes)
  5. TJango (featuring Dugg Schmidt on Bandoneon)
  6. Ghazal (featuring Aditya Verma on Sarod)
  7. Likeadazeickle (featuring Brian Poulsen on solo guitar)
  8. Dulces Suenos(featuring Luis Gutierrez with Flamenco singing)
  9. Mausim (featuring Victor Chorobik on duduk and flutes and Chris Suen on guzheng)
  10. Party Song (featuring Brian Poulsen on solo guitar)
  • Kamanala (2008)

"More than just world music, this is positively global in its reach with flamenco and Middle-Eastern music fusing with Balkan, gypsy and Afro-Latin, all performed with great skill and verve" -- J.P.M. - The Province

  1. Gypsy Love (featuring Joseph 'Pepe' Danza on Percussion and Flute)
  2. Tambura Pana
  3. Bandido
  4. Loved One
  5. Ceo Svet (featuring Anupam Shobhakar on the Sarod)
  6. Mujeres
  7. Akşam (featuring Anupam Shobhakar on the Sarod)
  8. Cintamani
  9. Estrella (featuring Joseph 'Pepe' Danza on Percussion)
  10. Hang On (featuring Chin Injeti)
  • Tambura Rasa Beats (2009)

A lounge electronica compilation of some of Tambura Rasa world fusion compositions from 2005-2009 (Includes Cafe del Mar's releases: Cinnabar Mix and Gypsy Love Mix) The CD "Tambura Rasa Beats" was nominated for the Western Canadian Music Award 2010 World Recording of the Year.

  1. Cinnabar Mix (Café del Mar XIII Mix)
  2. Tambura Pana (Latin Dub Mix)
  3. Isla Mujeres (Bossa Lounge Mix)
  4. Mausim (Yoga Mix)
  5. Ningchen (Tranquil Morning Mix)
  6. Funky B (Desert Mirage Mix)
  7. Ghazal (Indian Chill Mix)
  8. Gypsy Love Mix (Café del Mar XVI Mix)
  • Adsum (2011)
  1. Ardor Kadife (Baladi Buleria)
  2. Miris Irisa
  3. Se Smej
  4. A Day With You
  5. Oh! Belka
  6. Vrcka
  7. Soledad
  8. Adsum
  9. Lamento de Amistad (Siguirilla)
  10. New World

Compilation albums[edit]

  • 2006 - "Cinnabar Mix" - Café del Mar Vol. 13. Ivan's electronic mix of his own song Cinnabar (from the first CD "Sunrise on a New World") is released on this compilation.
  • 2009 - "Gypsy Love Mix" - Café del Mar Vol. 16. Ivan's electronic mix of his own song Gypsy Love (from the third CD "Kamanala") is released on this compilation.

Film scores[edit]

  • 2004 - Golden Rush
  • 2005 - On the Bag

Along with those feature length films, Ivan Tucakov has also provided music for Instructional videos by Nick Woolsey's Playpoi.


Mindful Connection Method[edit]

Ivan Tucakov - Mindful Connection Method

In 2010 Ivan Tucakov released a book on social dynamics called “The Mindful Connection Method”.

The book was a result years of studying human interactions, thorough research of various psychological tools and theories on communication, working as a PR and road manager for years and a degree in computers and physics, which offered a logical and empirical approach to his writing.

The book is a practical, strategically organized and easy to implement guide that enables us to know where to focus our attention and how to choose actions in order to build and maintain nurturing relationships with others and ourselves. Supported by an illustrated, thorough example throughout and a full practice section at the back, this book offers guidance in areas of personal growth, family dynamics, work settings, conflict resolution, counseling, education, community building, social issues and beyond.


"In the midst of a lot of gimmicky fusion, Tambura Rasa stands out as a group that has formed a worthwhile synthesis of music from many cultures." (Dec, 2006) Cultural Arts Magazine - Rambles


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