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Ivan the Terrible (Russian: Иван Грозный) is music by Sergei Prokofiev originally composed for the Sergei Eisenstein film about the sixteenth-century ruler. Prokofiev composed music to Part 1 in 1942-44, and to Part 2 in 1945; the score is cataloged as Op. 116.

After the composer’s death, music for the film was arranged first into an oratorio (with speaker, soloists, chorus, and orchestra) by Abram Stasevich (1961), who was the conductor of the film score, and later into a concert scenario by Christopher Palmer (1990). In 1973 the composer Mikhail Chulaki and the choreographer Yuri Grigorovich drew on Prokofiev's film score to create his ballet entitled Ivan the Terrible, which was given its premiere in 1975.

This is one of the two works born from Prokofiev's collaboration with Eisenstein, the other being Alexander Nevsky.

Original film music[edit]



Part 1[edit]

Scene 1: Prologue

  • Overture
  • Death of Glinskaya
  • Young Ivan's March
  • The Ocean - The Sea
  • Shuisky and the Keepers of the Hounds
  • Death of Glinskaya

Scene 2: The Coronation

  • Kyrie eleison
  • Sofroniev Cherubic Hymn (by A. Kastalsky)
  • May he live forever!

Scene 3: The Wedding

  • Glorification
  • The Swan
  • The Simpleton
  • Riot

Scene 4: The Conquest of Kazan

  • Entrance of the Tartars
  • Cannon are brought to Kazan
  • Kurbsky's Trumpets
  • Ivan's Tent
  • Tartar Steppes
  • The Artillerymen
  • The Tartars
  • Kurbsky's Trumpets
  • Attack
  • Malyuta's Jealousy
  • Kazan has fallen

Scene 5: Ivan's Illness

  • O, my soul (liturgical chant)
  • O, Lord most gracious (liturgical chant)
  • O, my soul (liturgical chant)
  • Ivan's Appeal to the Boyars

Scene 6: The Death of Anastasia

  • Anastasia's Illness
  • Anastasia is poisoned
  • Eternal Remembrance (liturgical chant)
  • Rest with the Saints (liturgical chant)
  • Thou Alone (liturgical chant)
  • Ivan at Anastasia's Coffin

Scene 7: The Oath of the Oprichniks

  • Oath of the Oprichniks
  • Come back!

Part 2[edit]

  • Overture

Scene 8: At the Polish Court

  • Fanfares
  • Polonaise
  • Fanfares

Scene 9: Lamentation for the Executed Boyars

  • Do not sob, Mother (by F. Ivanov)
  • It were better for you, Judas
  • Shuisky and the Keepers of the Hounds

Scene 10: The Fiery Furnace (liturgical drama)

  • Wondrous is God (by D. Bortnyansky)
  • Song of the Boys
  • Song about the Beaver

Scene 11: The Tsar's Banquet and the Cathedral

  • Chaotic Dance and Orderly Dance of the Oprichniks
  • Song of the Oprichniks
  • O, my soul (liturgical chant)
  • Song of the Oprichniks (without choir)
  • Chorus of the Oprichniks (without words)
  • Vladimir's Murder
  • Entrance of Ivan
  • Finale



Oratorio version (arr. Stasevich)[edit]





Concert version (arr. Palmer)[edit]





Ballet version (arr. Grigorovich and Chulaki)[edit]





Sergei Prokofiev: Ivan the Terrible

Ballet de l’Opéra National de Paris; Nicolas Le Riche (Ivan), Eleonora Abbagnato (Anastasia), Karl Paquette (Kurbsky); Corps de Ballet et Orchestre de l’Opéra de Paris, Vello Pähn (cond.)

Philharmonia Orchestra : Ricardo Muti ( cond), Ambrosian Chorus (chrus master John McCarthy, Irina Arkhipova ( mezzo-soprano), Anatoly Mokrenko (baritone), Boris Morgunov (narrator)


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