Ivankovo Reservoir

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Ivankovo Reservoir
Иваньковское водохранилище.jpg
Coordinates 56°45′N 37°04′E / 56.750°N 37.067°E / 56.750; 37.067Coordinates: 56°45′N 37°04′E / 56.750°N 37.067°E / 56.750; 37.067
Type Hydroelectric reservoir
Primary inflows Volga
Basin countries Russia
Max. length 120 km (75 mi)[1]
Max. width 4 km (2.5 mi)[1]
Surface area 327 km2 (126 sq mi)[1]
Average depth 15 m (49 ft)
Max. depth 23 m (75 ft)
Water volume 1.12 km3 (0.27 cu mi)[1]
Settlements Konakovo
References [1]
Ivankovo hydro power plant

Ivankovo Reservoir or Ivankovskoye Reservoir (Russian: Ива́ньковское водохрани́лище), informally known as the Moscow Sea, is the uppermost reservoir on the Volga River, in Moscow and Tver Oblasts of Russia, located some 130 km north of Moscow. The dam of the reservoir is situated in the town of Dubna. The town of Konakovo is located on its southern coast. The reservoir is connected to the Moskva River by the Moscow Canal, and is the principal fresh water source for the city of Moscow.

A historic town of Korcheva and a number of villages were submerged as the reservoir was filled in 1937.


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