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Ivano Beggio is a company name as well as the name of the former owner and president of what was for a brief period (1997–2003) the largest[citation needed] motorcycle company in Europe: Aprilia.

Italian motorcycles have always almost sold themselves, especially the racer models. Aprilia has sponsored many European and world racing champions in all classes. In the mid-1980s, Aprilia tried to diversify into the manufacturing of furniture and eyeglasses. However, the move was not successful and only increased the company's debt heavily. When Beggio became president of Aprilia, he sold the companies that did not belong to the core field of Aprilia's enterprises. He returned to familiar territory, the two-wheeler.

However, in 2004, the financial situation of Aprilia was again desperate and very close to financial breakdown. The banks forced Beggio to sell Aprilia, Guzzi and Laverda to Piaggio, an Italian scooter factory, owned by Roberto Colaninno.


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