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For other uses, see Ivar (disambiguation).

Ivar (Old Norse Ívarr) is a Scandinavian masculine given name. The Old Norse name has several possible etymologies. In North Germanic phonology, several of the elements common to Germanic names became homophonous. The first element Ívarr may contain yr "yew" and -arr (from hari, "warrior"), but it may have become partly conflated with Ingvar, and possibly Joar (element "horse"). The second element -arr may alternatively also be from geir "spear" or it may be var "protector".[1] The name was adopted into English as Ivor and into Gaelic as Iomhar.

People called Ivar[edit]

fictional characters

See also[edit]

  • Ivars, Latvian masculinge given name derived from Ivar


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