Ivar Aminoff

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Ivar Aminoff
Personal details
Born Ivar Aminoff
(1868-02-12) 12 February 1868 (age 146)
Occupation Lawyer

Ivar Aminoff ( 2 December 1868, Turku - 15 August 1931 ) was a Finnish lawyer and politician. He was the Minister of Defence for 82 days in the spring of 1924, from 11 March to 31 May 1924.[1] He worked as a lawyer in Turku from 1892-1916. He served as secretary of the county of Turku and Pori County and was the acting governor in 1918. He also served on the Turku City Council 1904-1912 and was its Vice-President in 1908. He had also owned the manor Tenala Lemussa from 1900.


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