Ivo Lah

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Ivo Lah
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Born (1896-09-05)September 5, 1896
Štrukljeva Vas, Austria-Hungary
Died March 23, 1979(1979-03-23) (aged 82)
Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
Fields mathematics, statistics
Alma mater University of Zagreb
Known for Lah numbers

Ivo Lah (pronounced [ˈiːvɔ ˈlax]; September 5, 1896 – March 23, 1979) was a Slovenian mathematician and actuary, best known for his discovery of the Lah numbers in 1955 and for the Lah identity.[1]

Lah was born at Štrukljeva Vas, near Cerknica, Austria-Hungary, now in Slovenia, and died at Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, also now in Slovenia.[1]


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