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Ivone Aida Lopes Fernandes Ramos (born July 9, 1926 in Santa Catarina on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde) is a Cape Verdean writer who lives in Mindelo (Cape Verde).[1][2]

Her father was Armando Napoleão Rodrigues Fernandes. She re-edited her father's book 'Léxico do dialecto crioulo do arquipélago de Cabo Verde' in 1990 in Mindelo (Cape Verde). [3]


  • Vidas Vividas (Short-stories in Portuguese, 1990)
  • Futcera ta cendê na Rotcha (Short-stories in Portuguese, 2000)
  • Mambia tita contá história na criol (Children's Story Book, 2009) [4][5]
  • A exilada, 2005 [6]
  • Short-story Capotóna (Crioulo of São Vicente) published in the book 'Futcera ta cendê na Rotcha'