Ivor the Invisible

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Ivor the Invisible
Ivor the Invisible film DVD cover.jpg
Directed by Hilary Audus
Written by Raymond Briggs
Starring Albey Brookes
Jane Horrocks
Timothy Spall
Alison Steadman
Music by Nitin Sawhney
Screen First
TVC London
Distributed by CINAR Films
Release dates 24 December 2001
Running time 22 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Ivor the Invisible is an animated film made for British television's Channel Four in 2001. It was written by the popular British author/illustrator, Raymond Briggs. Unlike Briggs' other films, which were adapted from his books, Ivor the Invisible was his first project to be conceived directly for the screen.[1]


One morning, a schoolboy named John awakes to find an invisible giant sitting at the foot of his bed. John names him Ivor and soon the giant is playing tricks around the house: squirting John's father with a garden hose, disturbing the laundry hanging on the clothesline, and stealing food. Ivor can create music, and later he gives John an invisible seesaw ride in the park.

But what Ivor really wants is to learn to write. He wants John to read him stories, and he wants to go to school with him. Ivor creates a great deal of mischief at John's school, writing rude words on the chalkboard. On the way home, Ivor incites the wrath of an angry mob after tampering with the Belisha beacons and pelican crossings.


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