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Ivy Rahman (Bengali: আইভি রহমান) (7 July 1936 – 24 August 2004) was a Bangladeshi politician. She was the Women's Affairs secretary of Awami League. She was killed in the 2004 Dhaka Grenade Attacks launched by Islamist terrorists.[1]

Rahman was married to Zillur Rahman, who was the 15th President of Bangladesh.

Early life[edit]

Ivy Rahman was born Jebun Nahar Ivy on 7 July 1936. Her father was the principal of Dhaka College. She married Zillur Rahman in 1958. They had two daughters and a son.[1]


On 21 August 2004, Ivy Rahman was present at an Awami League political rally in Dhaka. After the speech by Sheikh Hasina ended, terrorists launched a co-ordinated grenade attack on the Awami league leaders. Rahman was injured in the grenade blast, and both of her legs were blown off. After 3 days, she died on 24 August 2004, in the Combined Military Hospital in Dhaka.[2]