Iwate Museum of Art

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Iwate Museum of Art
Iwate Museum of Art Grand Gallery.jpg
General information
Address 12-3 Matsuhaba, Motomiya
Town or city Morioka, Iwate Prefecture
Country Japan
Coordinates 39°41′36.6″N 141°7′29.6″E / 39.693500°N 141.124889°E / 39.693500; 141.124889Coordinates: 39°41′36.6″N 141°7′29.6″E / 39.693500°N 141.124889°E / 39.693500; 141.124889
Opening October 2001
Technical details
Floor count 2 above ground
Floor area 10,061.66 m2
Design and construction
Architecture firm Nihonsekkei

The Iwate Museum of Art (岩手県立美術館 Iwate Kenritsu Bijutsukan?) is an art museum in Morioka, Japan.[1] It was opened in 2001.

The museum has a permanent exhibition of works by local Iwate Prefecture artists Tetsugoro Yorozu, Shunsuke Matsumoto and Yasutake Funakoshi, and houses temporary exhibitions on both Japanese and foreign themes.


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