Ix (Oz)

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Kingdom of Ix
Location of Ix
Location of Ix (top center)
Series The Oz series
Creator L. Frank Baum
Genre Children's books
Ethnic groups Ixeys, Boxers
Government Monarchy
Flag of Ix.jpg
Flag of Ix
The Oz series location
Creator L. Frank Baum
Genre Children's books
Type Fairy country
Notable characters Queen Zixi
King Chillywalla of Boxwood

Ix is a fictional region in The Oz series of novels created by L. Frank Baum. It neighbors the Land of Oz and Noland, and is ruled by the centuries-old witch-queen Zixi.


Ix is one of the settings featured in the 1905 novel Queen Zixi of Ix and its 1914 film adaptation, The Magic Cloak of Oz. It is later visited in The Silver Princess in Oz where it is home to King Chillywalla of Boxwood and his subjects, the Boxers, who box up everything, including their own bodies down to individual features.

Known inhabitants[edit]

  • Queen Zixi -
  • Boxers -
    • King Chillywalla -