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Ixchiguan is a municipality in the San Marcos department of Guatemala. It was established as municipality on 9 August 1933. The economy is based on temporary work force on the coffee plantations, respectively on a male migrating work force in Mexico.

Mam, which is one of the Mayan languages of Guatemala, is spoken in Ixchiguan and in the neighborhood of the city. In two or three villages around the city, the indigenous people speak also K'iche', another language that belongs to the Mayan languages group.

During the 20th century, many people from Ixchiguan have migrated to Worthington, Minnesota, a city that is considered a center of Mam speakers in the United States.

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Coordinates: 15°12′N 91°53′W / 15.200°N 91.883°W / 15.200; -91.883