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Ixonos Plc (OMXXNS1V) is a mobile solutions company developing wireless technologies, software and solutions for connected devices and mobile services.

The company's services range from device software to complete connected devices and from mobile apps to end-to-end online solutions and holistic user experience design.

Ixonos's clientele comprises globally operating wireless technology suppliers, mobile device and consumer electronics manufacturers, telecom carriers as well as other companies taking advantage of the new business opportunities that wireless communications enable.

The company was established in 1994, and it was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange in 1999. The amount of personnel is 291 (2014). The company’s turnover in 2012 was 56.9 million euros and operating profit -24.3 million euros.

The Group’s main office is located in Helsinki, in addition to which the Group has offices in Finland, Estonia, United Kingdom and United States.[1]

Ixonos is listed in the Small Cap group of the Helsinki Stock Exchange’s Nordic List. Industry classification: Information technology. Trading symbol: XNS1V.

The change of the name[edit]

The change of name from Tieto-X to Ixonos was entered into the Finnish Trade Register 12 February 2007 and was valid in the Helsinki Stock Exchange's SAXESS trading system as of 14 February 2007.

The change of company code to XNS and share's trading code to XNS1V was valid in the Helsinki Stock Exchange's SAXESS system as of 13 February 2007.


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