Izmaylovsky Park

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Moscow's Metro runs along the edge of the park

Izmaylovsky Park or Izmaylovo Park is one of the largest parks (urban forests) in Moscow, Russia. It's situated in the Izmaylovo District of the city. The park was inaugurated in 1930, and was known as Stalin Park until the name was changed in the 1950s. Izmailovskaya station of the Moscow Metro serves the park.

In November 1995, Chechen terrorists planted, but did not detonate, a radiological dispersal device (commonly known as a dirty bomb) in Izmailovo Park.[1] The bomb consisted of dynamite and caesium-137 removed from cancer treatment equipment. Reporters were tipped off about its location and it was defused.

Izmaylovsky Park was also the name of the Partizanskaya station of the Moscow Metro before 2005.


Coordinates: 55°46′37″N 37°47′20″E / 55.777°N 37.789°E / 55.777; 37.789