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General information
Map of Austria showing Bad Radkersburg
Federal State: Styria
Bezirk: Radkersburg
Population: 8,071 (1 March 2006)
Elevation (metres): 317 m
Elevation (feet): 1043 ft
Location: 46°46′N 15°56′E / 46.767°N 15.933°E / 46.767; 15.933

Jörgen is a town in the municipality of Tieschen in the bezirk of Radkersburg in the Federal State of Styria in Austria.

Jörgen is known for its fine white wines. Next to the more common white wines it also produces Uhudler wines in small quantities. Uhudler is a unique wine from Austria, which originates in the Burgenland region. In Jörgen the white version may often be found, whereas is in Burgenland its appearance is often a rosé colour. It has intense flavours of strawberry and black currants, a characteristic taste often called "foxy" in wine parlance. The grape varieties used are highly resistant to phylloxera and other diseases; as a result they do not often have to be sprayed with pesticides. They also require little fertilization because of their vigorous growth.