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Jürgen Graf (born August 15, 1951, Basel) is a Swiss Holocaust denier[1][2][3][4][5] and conspiracy theorist. He studied philology at the University of Basel studying French, English, and Scandinavian languages and spent several years working as a school teacher. He became acquainted with the Holocaust in 1991 and published several books on the subject in the 1990s, three co-authored with Carlo Mattogno.

Graf and his publisher, Gerhard Förster, were prosecuted by a Swiss court for Holocaust denial in July 1998 and was sentenced to a fine and 15 months imprisonment. He fled the country, initially seeking political asylum in Iran, but subsequently settling in Belarus for some time, afterwards moving to Russia. He married a Belarusian historian Olga Stepanowna in 2001,[6] and lives in Moscow, working as a translator.



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