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Jūra (Lithuania).png
Map with the Jūra river highlighted
Origin Žemaičių Highlands
Mouth Nemunas
Basin countries Lithuania
Length 177 km (110 mi)
Avg. discharge 41.8 m3/s (1,480 cu ft/s) at mouth
Basin area 3,994 km2 (1,542 sq mi)

The Jūra is a river in western Lithuania and a right tributary of the Nemunas. It mostly follows a meandering and natural course, although two concrete dams of hydroelectric power plants prevent paddling, as do dense vegetation in its upper reaches and large stones.

The river's name comes from the Lithuanian word jūra, which means "sea". Towns on the Jūra include Tauragė, Rietavas, Kvėdarna, and Pajūris.

Jūra near Pajūris

Tributary rivers[edit]

  • left - Aitra, Lokysta, Akmena, Šunija, Šešuvis.
  • right - Letausas, Šlaunis.

Coordinates: 55°03′N 22°08′E / 55.050°N 22.133°E / 55.050; 22.133