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János Vajda (Miskolc, 8 October 1949) is a Hungarian composer.

He is to be distinguished from the poet of the same name (1827-1897)[1]

Works, editions, recordings[edit]



  • Songs - Orbán Spanish songs. Songs to words by Sándor Weöres. János Vajda, Songs to words by Géza Szöcs: Andrea Meláth (mezzo-soprano), Emese Virág (piano). HCD31827 Hungaroton
  • Missa in A, Orban: Missa prima HCD31929 Hungaroton


  1. ^ New light on Liszt and his music: essays in honor of Alan Walker's ... - Page 5 Michael Saffle, James Andrew Deaville - 1997 "On 26 August Liszt met a young poet, Janos Vajda (1827-1897); this young man later dedicated a poem to his idol."
  2. ^ Mario and the magician Thomas Mann, Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter - 1931 The Hungarian quarterly: Volume 44 2003 "Further additions to the gallery of Hungarian heroic-lyric opera were to be Mario und der Zauberer by Janos Vajda, Leonce and Lena by the same composer,"

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