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Jérémy Amelin
Jérémy Amelin on the red carpet at the NRJ 20th Anniversary (2009).
Background information
Birth name Jérémy Amelin
Born (1986-07-01) July 1, 1986 (age 28)
Montargis, France
Origin Paris, France
Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres Electropop, dance, pop
Occupation(s) Singer, producer, songwriter, fashion designer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2005–present
Labels Mercury Records (2005-2007)
X-Cite Records (2009–present)
Website www.jeremyamelin.com

Jérémy Amelin (born July 1, 1986) is a French electro recording artist and entertainer. Born in Montargis, France and raised in Montcresson, France. Amelin was the finalist of French music TV show "Star Academy 5" - French version of American Idol broadcast on French TV channel TF1.[1]


Jérémy Amelin was born on July 1, 1986 and was a finalist of French music TV show "Star Academy 5" - French version of American Idol broadcast on French TV channel TF1.[1] He performed live during 16 primetime shows on TF1 watched by over 8,700,000 viewers each week and over 11,400,000 viewers on its season finale.[2] Amelin has released six singles[3][4] including his debut single "A Contre Sens" - ranked #13 on the French billboard charts.[5] He also did a nationwide tour of 115 concerts in France's biggest arenas such as the Olympia, the Congress Palace, Zeniths, and the Dix-Heures Theater. Amelin also performed twice on the Champs-Élysées at the Queen Club (Paris, France) on March 9, 2008 and June 24, 2009.[6]

Amelin also created his own clothing line called "Elektrode by Jérémy Amelin", photographed by Fred Goudon - French photographer and author of the "Dieux du Stade 2006" rugbymen calendar, while the behind the scenes were filmed and broadcast on Fashion TV.[7]

In late 2009, X-Cite Records announced that Amelin was back in the studio recording his debut album "Blaster", and confirmed that the album would feature an electropop song about Britney Spears, titled "Spears Me". Amelin revealed the storyline of the song, stating :

"This track is super hot and made of sexy whispered vocals. Basically, "Spears Me" is about her giving me her infamous sexy moves while both making love on stage, just like a one-night stand but that would be a one-night stage (laughs) [...] She's the sexiest woman alive, so I just wanted to express how men feel about her. She’s a worldwide fantasy you know”.[8]

A 30-second snippet of his single "Oh, Oh ! (feat. Angelika)" premiered on December 7, 2009.[9] The single was released worldwide on January 25, 2010.[10]

In August 2010, Amelin revealed that he recorded three potential singles for a 2011-release : "Imma Bitch", "Undone" and "Werk It".[11] He later confirmed "Imma Bitch" as a promotional single, which premiered during a live concert in Manama, Bahrain on November 17, 2010. The single premiered online on December 17, 2010.[12]

X-Cite Records announced on April 20, 2011 that Amelin teamed up with 90210 TV star Jessica Lowndes to release a featuring version of his single "Undone", which premiered online on April 29, 2011 and was released worldwide on May 23, 2011.[13]

On May 13, 2011, Amelin confirmed the release date of his debut album "Blaster" — produced by James Rendon and Kayden Boche — during a TV interview given to Public Magazine.[14]

"Blaster" was originally scheduled to be released on October 24, 2011,[15] but X-Cite Records cancelled the album release.

During a video interview for French TV channel M6, Amelin confirmed the upcoming release of a new single titled "Surrender", which leaked online on September 3, 2012.


Jérémy Amelin discography
Studio albums 1
EPs 5
Singles 7
Music videos 3

Studio Albums[edit]

Year Title Album details
2011 Blaster
  • Released : October 24, 2011
  • Labels : X-Cite Records
  • Formats : Unreleased


Year Title Peak chart positions
2006 A Contre Sens 13 [5] 17 [16] 81 [17]
2009 Fantasize
What More
2010 Oh, Oh !
Imma Bitch
2011 Undone

Music Videos[edit]

Year Song Director
2009 Fantasize Jérémy Amelin [18]
What More Nicolas Chalons [19]
2010 Oh, Oh ! Kayden Boche [20]


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