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Birth name Jamal Diggs[1]
Born Vallejo, California
Genres Hip hop, west coast hip hop, hyphy
Occupation(s) Rapper, CEO
Years active 1995-present
Labels Thizz Entertainment, Thizz Nation
Associated acts Mac Dre, Dubee, Yukmouth

Jamal Diggs, better known by his stage name J-Diggs, also Jay Digs or J-Diggs tha Rockstar, is an American rapper and co-CEO of the late Mac Dre's Thizz Entertainment.

Legal issues[edit]

On September 14, 2012, J-Diggs and three other Thizz Entertainment members were arrested for assault and attempted murder in Hawaii.[2]

On June 9, 2013, Washington County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jamal Diggs on a felony warrant out of Hawaii, and for drug and drug-related charges.[3]


In 2005, he was involved in a feud with rapper J-Kwon.[4]

In February 2011, J-Diggs released a diss track at ex-Funk Mobb member Mac Shawn called "Rat Shawn".[5]


Studio albums[edit]

  • 1999 Both Sides Of The Gate (Original Release)
  • 2005 California Livin' Part Two
  • 2006 Both Sides Of The Gate (ReRelease)
  • 2009 Da Bad
  • 2009 Da Good
  • 2009 Da Ugly
  • 2009 JDiggs.Com
  • 2014 All Gas!!
  • 2014 Doin' it Movin' 2
  • 2014 No Brakes!!
  • 2014 Soul Of A Gangsta


  • 2006 J-Diggs Presents Bay Commission
  • 2007 Thizz Nation Vol. 17 (Starring J-Diggs Da Rockstar)
  • 2011 Doin It Movin


  • 2007 Ghost Ridin 101
  • 2008 Ghost Ride The Whip The Hyphy Movement


  • 2007 J-Diggs & Mac Dre - Dre Diggs Presents Me & My Cuddie
  • 2010 J-Diggs & Rich The Factor - Street Ballin The First Quarter
  • 2010 J-Diggs & Rich The Factor - Street Ballin Vol. 2
  • 2012 J-Diggs & Philthy Rich - IZM 101
  • 2012 J-Diggs & Poodeezy - Iz Big Business

Guest appearances[edit]

Year Song Artist(s) Album
1999 "We Made It" Mac Dre, Trill Real, Dubee, Magnolia Chop, Sleep Dank Rapper Gone Bad
2001 "Always Inta Somethin'" Mac Dre, Da' Unda' Dogg, Sleep Dank It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It
2002 "Power Moves the Family" Mac Mall Mackin' Speaks Louder Than Words
2003 "Casual" Dubee, Mac Dre Turf Matic
2004 "Err Thang" Mac Dre The Genie of the Lamp
"Crest Shit" Mac Dre, Dubee, Da'unda'dogg
2005 "Murda I Wrote" Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Rydah J. Klyde Da U.S. Open
2006 "My Town" Plot Misson.4.Loot
"Where My Thug N****z At" Reek Daddy, Dubee, Mac Mall, Hollow Tip The Reekalation
"Pimp Juice" Jimmy Roses, Swinnla, Red Eyes, Cutthoat Committee Jimmy Roses
"Mobsta's" Pretty Black, Yukmouth, Bleu DaVinci Prince of the Streets
"Shoo" Mac Mall, Geezy Thizziana Stoned and the Temple of Shrooms
"My Own" Luni Coleone, Beta Bossalini, Dodo, Flip Lock, Silky P Anger Management
2007 "Boss Status" Mac Dre, Lil Evil, Guce Starters in the Game
"Thizz in Peace" Mac Dre, Yukmouth, Mistah F.A.B.
"Any Day" Potnus, Boss Hogg Is Bill Shanks a Janitor
"Dummy Retarded Thizz (Remix)" Mistah F.A.B. The Recess
"Bosses" Bavgate, PSD, Trill Real, Natae The King of Oakland
"The Yay" Bavgate, San Quinn, Fat Bastard
"The Monkey Is Out" Yukmouth, Lil' Jamal United Ghettos of America: Eye Candy
"Renegade" Berner, Equipto, Vital Track Money and Pack Money
2008 "Dolla Mack" Little Bruce The Truth
"On Call" Dubee Last of a Thizzin' Breed
"Sittin' On Gwop" Skiem, Bavgate Bacc On the Briccs
"Rollin'" Blanco, Fed X, Shigady da Playboy Blanco's Way
"West Coast Pimp" Mac Dre Dre Day: July 5th 1970
"Don't Spill It" Kuzzo Fly, Mistah F.A.B., Blu Davenci Don't Like U N****z
"Sav Life" Dubb 20, Andre Nickatina More Dope, More Problems
"Bay Wit It" Trackstar, Droop The Slaptastic Album
"Romped Out Norteño" Mac Dre, Vital, Gangsta Flea, Goldtoes, Tito B Dre Area
2009 "Monstaz" General Gomacc Da World Soulja'z of Fortune
"How I'm Livin'" Young Jawz, I-Rocc The South West
"Bay Bridge" Tic & Melo Money, Diamonds & Thizz
"Smoke" Dubee, Chop da Hookman, Bavgate, Trill Real Da "T"
"It's Cutthoat 4 Me" Mac Mall, Tic Mac to the Future
"In the Streets" Dre Nitty Opportunity Knox
"Cameraphone" Jay B, Skor Dawg, Bishop The Hustle Don't Stop
"Holla At Me" Jay B, Skor Dawg, Raw B
"Fed Up" The Jacka, Young L The Street Album
"Wit the Shit" The Jacka, Joe Blow
"Boss Status" Lil Raider They Predicted I'd Be Dead or N Prison
2010 "Money Is the Mission" Da' Unda' dogg The Masterpiece
"Thizz Ent." Kilo Curt, Guce, D-Lo, Dubee, Yowda, Chop da Hookman 1,000 Grams
"Killa" Kilo Curt, Yukmouth
"Life Goes On" Mac Meeezzz Money, Makin', Monster
"What Would You Do?" Haji Springer, Harm Slumdog Billionaire
"Vallejo 2 Da No" TreeChoppa Gotta Get It, Vol. 2
"Move Mean" E-40, Big Rich Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift [bonus track]
"The Truth" Blanco Jonestown
"Propane" Majr D Forrest Skunk
"Goin' Nowhere" Dubee, Treacherous Tic Tha Furly Ghost, Vol. 2
"Hustle Game" Kafani, Onion Z Maserati Music
"Razor in Hand" Kafani, San Quinn, Rydah J. Klyde, Guce, Meez, Vital
"Souped Up Chickz" Playboy W., Wenindoubt Dr. Dubb
"Skydro Pt. 2" "Playboy W., Da'unda'dogg, Dubee, Pigtaktix, Ant D.O.G., Jackpot, Trafik
"Underdog" Mr. Kee, Mitchy Slick, Nate Dogg The Great Paper Chase
"Good" Chief Scrill 702 MDMA Muzik
"Make Em Say" Duna, Taj Mahal Fat of the Land
"Hard on a Bitch" Lil Raider 24/7 The Pickup
"707 Anthems" Yung Von, A1 Moufpiece K.I.D. C.U.D.I.
"Vallejo Anthem" Droop-E, Cousin Fik, Turf Talk, Willie Joe Mannish Music
"U Ain't No Gangsta" Mr. Skrillz, Reek Daddy Corporate Money
2011 "Huss-O-Lin" Messy Marv, YB the Rock Star, Mikey Vegas Kokaine Ballads Frum My S550
"Boss Status" Lil Evil, Guce Young and Hyphy
"Perk n Pay" Don Changolini 4000, Mr. Story, Boss Hogg Thizz'd Out Sacra
"On My Thizz" Young Rick Best of Both Worlds
"What's Up" Fatboy Chubb The Black Tony
"Infatuated" Fatboy Chubb, Boy Big Tha Bad Guy
"West Side" The Dragons, Gorilla Pits The Monsta Squad
"We Are" The Dragons, Gorilla Pits, Kuzzo Fly, Peanut, YS, Shigady Da Playboy, Chosen, Lil Evil, CHHP, Ren Da Heatmonsta, Amon
"High Po" Mac Rell, Rich the Factor 187 In the Bay
2012 "Gas" Beeda Weeda, D-Lo, Sleepy D, Scoot Dog and Guce Bassrock Babies - The Leak
"Renegade Alert" Kurt Diggler, Philthy Rich, Messy Marv My Bottom Bitch
"Real Street Hooligan" Heavy, Nsanity Real Street Hooligan
"A Party, Pt. 3" Shigady da Playboy, Baygeen Babby Backwoods & Bo
"Smoke Screens" Sinner, Heavy Without Resemblance
"City's Hot" Mistah F.A.B., I-Rocc, San Quinn Face Off
"U Could Be" Beta Bossalini, Juice Lee Purple Rain
"Rocka Bye Baby" Nelson El, Ampichino Underground Railroad
"Where the $ At" Lil Bad, Vonny Loc Shark Syndrome 2.5
"Do Your Homework" Weech Lok, Neva Sober It's All Bangin'
"Gangsta Rapper" Sky Balla, Dubee Tha Life I Chose
"Magpie" Hoodnutt Midwest Choppo
"Picture This" Jay B, Skor Dawg, Bishop So Connected, Vol. 1
2013 "Boyfriend" Pooh Hefner, Philthy Rich, 4Rax #NOBFE, Vol. 2
"Make It Work" (Thizz High Life Remix) DJ Jusz Nyce, Young Fame, 2 Chainz, Philthy Rich, Mac Duna Project Turnt Up, Vol. 2
"All I Know Is Money" Ekzakt, Crunchy Black Primary Incision
"Wit tha Mob" Ekzakt, Dem Hoodstarz
"Kook Game" Messy Marv, Ice Burgundy Playboy Gangsta
"When U See Me In the Streets" Jay B Slaps N Slumperz
"I Wish You Could See It" Jay B, Bishop
"Succa MC" I-Rocc, Poodeezy, Mistah F.A.B. The Resume, Vol. 4
"F**k U Bitch" Baby Tez, K. West Rise & Grind
2014 "Ain't Gon Play Me" Souljah Snoop Loc Cold World


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