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J-Game cover
Studio album by Jolin Tsai
Released 25 April 2005 (2005-04-25)
Genre Mandopop
Length 41:06
Language Mandarin
Label Sony Music Taiwan
Producer Adam Tsuei and Jamie Hsueh
Jolin Tsai chronology
Dancing Diva

J-Game is Taiwanese artist Jolin Tsai's (Chinese: 蔡依林) seventh studio album. It was released on 25 April 2005 by Sony Music Taiwan. Two editions of the albums were released with Bonus VCD/DVD containing 10 music videos. This is the last original studio album of Jolin's released by Sony Music Taiwan before her move to EMI Music Taiwan.

The track "野蛮遊戲" (Savage Game) was nominated for Top 10 Gold Songs at the Hong Kong TVB8 Awards, presented by television station TVB8, in 2005.[1] The album sold 240,000 copies in Taiwan, and it was the second highest selling album of the year, behind Jay Chou's November's Chopin.[citation needed]


On this album, Tsai worked with other composers, including American-Taiwanese Mandopop singer-songwriter, Leehom Wang, a label mate at Sony Music Taiwan. It features more hip-hop material, but still retained upbeat dance tracks and pop ballads of her previous work.

The music video of the title track, "野蠻遊戲" (J-Game) was released first to promote the album. Jolin shot music videos for nearly all songs except for "OH OH" and "追殺邱比特" (Killing Cupid) which features clips from her J-Game concert in Taipei. "天空" (Sky) became one of her significant hits throughout Asia. The ancient Chinese music style inspired in "獨佔神話" (Exclusive Myth) was composed by Leehom Wang. The track "許願池的希臘少女" (Greek Girl by the Wishing Fountain) was used as the theme song for Motorola cell phones.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro -Welcome to the J-Game"
  2. "野蠻遊戲" Ye man you xi (J-Game)
  3. "許願池的希臘少女" (Greek Girl by the Wishing Fountain)
  4. "天空" Tian Kong (Sky)
  5. "睜一隻眼 閉一隻眼" Zheng yi zhi yan Bi yi zhi yan (Overlooking Purposely)
  6. "反覆記號" Fan fu ji hao (Repeated Note)
  7. "酸甜" Suan tian (Sweet and Sour)
  8. "OH OH"
  9. "獨佔神話" Du zhan shen hua (Exclusive Myth)
  10. "追殺邱比特" Zhui sha qiu bi te (Killing Cupid)
  11. "好想你" Hao xiang ni (Missing You)

Music Video[edit]

  1. "野蠻遊戲" (J-Game) MV
  2. "許願池的希臘少女" (Greek Girl by the Wishing Fountain) MV
  3. "天空" (Sky) MV
  4. "睜一隻眼 閉一隻眼" (Overlooking Purposely) MV
  5. "反覆記號" (Repeated Note) MV
  6. "酸甜" (Sweet and Sour) MV
  7. "OH OH" MV
  8. "獨佔神話" (Exclusive Myth) MV
  9. "追殺邱比特" (Killing Cupid) MV
  10. "好想你" (Missing You) MV


Two versions were released plus a VCD by Sony Music Taiwan:

  • 25 April 2005 - J-Game (Preorder version) (CD+VCD)[2] - includes VCD with behind-the-scene features on "J-Game" music video.
  • 8 July 2005 - J-Game (2nd Version) (CD + MV DVD)[3] - includes 10 music videos[a 1]
  • 12 August 2005 - J-Game (MV VCD)[4] - includes 10 music videos.[a 1]


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