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J-Walk or 제이워크 is Korean musical duo formed by two former Sechs Kies members. As of 2013, they are under A&G Modes.



After Sechskies had disbanded, 2 years later, Kim Jae Duc and Jang Su Won formed a duet under Kiss Entertainment. They became Daesung's top performers and would soon team with fellow labelmate Click-B to create DSP's new boyband JnC. After the collaboration, there were talks of a third album release. Early 2007, they signed with Vitamin Entertainment and plan to release the third album. It has been 5 years since they have released an album since their 2nd album was made in 2002.

In June 2008, J-Walk collaborated with their former Sechskies leader Eun Ji Won for a new song called "My Love".



  1. Suddenly, 2002
  2. Someday, 2002
  3. My Love, 2008

Mini albums[edit]

  1. J-Walk 2007 Mini Album, 2007
  2. Love...Painfully, 2013

Digital singles[edit]

  1. 안타까워 (Shame), 2008
  2. 사랑한다 외쳐요 (Shout Out Love), 2009
  3. Get On The Floor, 2011 (under the name "J-Walk Kim Jae Duc")
  4. 프라프치노 (Frappuccino), 2013
  5. 첫눈오는 날 (First Snow), 2013
  6. 무슨말이 필요해 (What More Can I Say), 2014 (with Jui (주이))
  7. 비나이다 (I Beg You), 2014

Other albums[edit]

  1. The New History Begins, 2004 (collaboration with Click-B under the name JnC)
  2. OST Take Care Of Us Captain, 2012 (Opposite-Single)


Year Award-Giving Body Category Work Result
2002 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Male Group[1] "Suddenly" Nominated


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