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J.Reu Live .jpg
J.Reu live in Atlanta, Ga (2011)
Background information
Birth name Jacob Reuben Marchand
Born (1987-06-04) June 4, 1987 (age 27)
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Origin Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Genres Hip hop
Occupations Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, Singer
Years active 2003–present
Associated acts Yelawolf, Redstone, Aerostotle, Rock City (group), KD, Paul Revear, J.Erv, Antonio Dye, Daddy-O (musician), Jackie Chain, Teyana Taylor , Alja Jackson
Website http://www.iamjreu.com

Jacob Reuben Marchand (born June 4, 1987) is an American rapper based in Huntsville, Alabama. He is better known for his stage name J.Reu. He Made his performance debut on the 2006 Best Buy Retail Road Show[1] after creating the Christmas jingle for Best Buy TV and Radio 2006 winter ad campaign.[2]


Jacob Reuben Marchand was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 4, 1987 to Paul and Florence Marchand. Jacob recorded his first record at the age of 5 with the New Orleans children choir singing the "Our Father Prayer" also known as "Lord's Prayer". Several people told his struggling single mother to put him in the music industry but she wanted him to finish school.

J.Reu Live at Sugar Hill in Underground ATL in 2007.


Writing music was just a hobby and he was the talk of his school Oakwood Adventist Academy and in his sophomore high school year he dropped his first album entitled "incognito" in 2003. Jacob having the most likely to be famous picture in his year book made him only more hungry for the fame, fortune, and love for music. He continued to put out good music with his follow up "J.Reusalem pt. 1 the album in 2004. Somehow it got to several record label executives at Def Jam Recordings and he was looking to sign a major deal. Unfortunately the talent company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Were full of scams and the deal was never completed.

J.Reu, who was full with disappointment in the talent company, and in the time he invested with them. Made him realize he can't depend on anyone but himself. So he put out another album in 2006 called "Changing the Game".[3] He made several tracks but finally put 19 on the album. While shopping his music he ran into longtime friend Theodore Lindsey and Mr. Lindsey began to shop J.Reu's music to his nephew "Nick Cannon" for his "Can I Ball" record label. At the time they had already filled their roster so J.Reu was not a good fit. He the linked up with best buy after writing a jingle for the Christmas holiday best buy season. Touring with Best Buy in front of thousands was easy because his mother had prepared him years before. J.Reu has come out with several other albums and even working with some of the best songwriters currently in the music/entertainment field.[4]

Mug shot of J.Reu taken after his arrest in Atlanta in 2011

The Best Buy Rap Originator[edit]

In 2005 J.Reu was just an employee of Best Buy while he was going to college. While he was there at morning store meetings he was always asked by the store managers to freestyle about the stores previous work day stats.He decided to ask the store managers to sponsor some studio time to record they agreed and he recorded three tracks. He and another rapper from an Ohio Best Buy store named Jake Rockswell started creating a serious marketing buzz behind the best buy raps and they were chosen for the Best Buy Tour.

J.Reu's extended version of the Best Buy jingle.

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Following the tour Best Buy decided to send footage from the tour to every store so the employees could see. Since then random Best Buy Employees have taken it upon themselves to rap about Best Buy in the form of video freestyles and actual music videos.[5] Jake Rockswell and J.Reu paved the way for this style of marketing and musical choice.

Huggz & Kissez Release[edit]

In December 2009 J.Reu started recording songs after being in a relationship with a cheater for two years, the songs recorded were talking about this relationship and similar topics along with some club records. The songs started mixing well and he decided to set a release date for Valentines Day February 14, 2010. The mixtape became a top download on Datpiff.com on the date of the release.[6]

Welcome To J.Reusalem[edit]

J.Reu is currently working on an album entitled "Welcome To J.Reusalem" and he confirmed via Twitter that the 1980s rapper Daddy-O (musician) of the hip hop group Stetsasonic will be playing a major role in the success of the project.

WillRap4Beatz Mixtape[edit]

In early February 2012, J.Reu released a new mixtape under Haven Productions Inc. called "WillRap4Beatz".[7] The tape consists of 11 remixed songs from popular artists like Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Wale, and Kanye West and 2 original songs. Briefly after releasing the tape he released the tape's first single and music video "Straight To The Bank". The music video was shot by Jay Jackson better known as "JJ The Prodigy" and shows J.Reu's large "Air Jordan" shoe collection and him getting ready to go to the bank as he eats cereal with friends and puts on his clothes. J.Reu has also released a Music Video to his freestyle of Common's single "Sweet" and remix to Rick Ross's song "Stay Schemin'" that he renamed "Real Niggas" which featured KD and Aerostotle. On a local Atlanta radio interview J.Reu said that he and JJ (Jay Jackson) would be releasing a music video to every song on the mixtape.[8]


  • I Aint Even Famous Tour
  • Escape To Love Tour (with Antonio Dye)
  • Best Buy Retail RoadShow (with Best Buy and "The Link" Magazine)


Studio albums[edit]


Music Videos[edit]

  • 2006: Best Buy Live Performance
  • 2011: Straight To The Bank (UnOfficial Video)[14]
  • 2012: Straight To The Bank (Official Video)[15][16]
  • 2012: The Effin Man (Ft Paul Revear)[17]
  • 2012: To The Top (Ft J.Erv)



  • 2007: Mista Freezy - Black Light (Ft J.Reu & Ben Frank)(Prod By Ben Frank)
  • 2010: Antonio Dye - Just Go (Ft J.Reu)
  • 2010: KayNyne - Dat N***a (Ft J.Reu & Goldie)
  • 2010: Paul Revear - What I Want (w/ J.Reu)
  • 2010: Geo Definite - She Got Me Like (Ft J.Reu)(Written By J.Reu)[25]
  • 2011: J.Erv - Aye Shawty (Ft J.Reu) (Written By J.Reu)
  • 2011: Polanxx - Stereo Love (Ft J.Reu)[26]
  • 2012: Wem - All I Know (Ft J.Reu) (Written By J.Reu) ( Prod. By C.P. Beats)[27]
  • 2012: Morrisa Jeanine - Whatever You Like (Ft J.Reu)[28][29]
  • 2013: B-Coolin - Sex Positions (Ft Young Scrap & J.Reu)[30]



  • 2006: "Welcome to the holidays"(Best Buy Jingle)[5]
  • 2008: "Rock Bottom Carpet" (Jingle with former Group Mag'4)

Writing for other Artists[edit]

Artist who have recorded J.Reu's songs include:

  • Antonio Dye - "Two Weeks Notice", "Customer Service", "Simple Girl".
  • Young Tezz - "Good Girl"
  • Morrisa Jeanine - "Whatever You Like"

Nominations & Awards[edit]

The KnocDown SCM Awards[36] was established 2008 in Memphis, Tennessee to honor artist, producers, DJ's, Models and other industry candidates that have been voted for by the public.

Year Recipient Award Result
2009 J.Reu & Redstone[37] Out of State Rap Group of the Year Nominated


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