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John A. Panitz is the co-inventor of the Atom-Probe Field Ion Microscope[1] and the inventor of the 10-cm atom-probe,[2] the Imaging Atom-Probe,[3][4] the LIFE detector[5] (a liquid field-emission chemical sensor), Isothermal Ramped Field-Desorption Spectroscopy[6] (the electric field analog of Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy), Field-Ion tomography[7] (for non destructive imaging of biological molecules in high electric fields), and the PhotoFEEM technique[8] (for nanoscale mapping of work function variations on a metal surface).

Panitz discovered the field-adsorption phenomenon.[9] The 10-cm Atom-Probe and the Imaging Atom-Probe are the progenitors of all later atom probe instruments including the commercial instruments available today.[10]


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