J. Gordon Edwards

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This article is about the film director. For the entomologist and mountaineer, see J. Gordon Edwards (entomologist and mountaineer).
J. Gordon Edwards
Nero (1922) - Gretillat Edwards Duval.jpg
Jacques Grétillat, J. Gordon Edwards, and Paulette Duval during the production of Nero (1922)
Born June 24, 1867
Montreal, Canada
Died December 31, 1925
New York, New York, United States
Occupation Film director
Film producer
Years active 1914 - 1924
The tomb of J. Gordon Edwards

J. Gordon Edwards (June 24, 1867 – December 31, 1925) was a Canadian-born film director, producer, and a writer who began his career as a stage actor and as a stage director.


Edwards made his directorial debut on film in the 1914 film St. Elmo.

Edwards went on helming all of the Fox Film Corporation's mega-budget spectacles, including all of actress Theda Bara's productions between 1916 to 1919. Later, he became the production supervisor at Fox, and continued to direct until he died in 1925. One of his biggest projects was The Queen of Sheba (1921), a lost silent film which contained a huge chariot race, four years before Ben-Hur (1925). He was the stepgrandfather of director Blake Edwards.

J. Gordon Edwards died of pneumonia at age 58 in New York City and was interred at Kensico Cemetery in a grandiose private mausoleum with a minaret on each side similar to the Taj Mahal.


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