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J.K. Gibson-Graham is a pen name shared by feminist economic geographers Julie Graham and Katherine Gibson. Their first book The End of Capitalism (as we knew it) was published in 1996, followed by A Postcapitalist Politics in 2006. Julie Graham died on April 4, 2010 from complications from cancer.[1] Katherine Gibson is currently professor at the Institute of Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney.[2]


Their current work involves rethinking economy and re-visioning economic development. They and the community economies collective draw on political economy, poststructuralism, feminism, and ongoing community-based research to pursue three major research directions:

  • Producing a language of the diverse economy that highlights the variety of transactions, forms of labor, class relations, types of enterprise, ecological relationships, and development dynamics in contemporary economies
  • Generating narratives, models and projects of non-capitalist and alternative capitalist development
  • Constructing and strengthening community economies in place through local action research.



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  • J. K. Gibson-Graham. (1993) Waiting for the Revolution, or How to Smash Capitalism while Working at Home in Your Spare Time. in Rethinking Marxism 6(2) pp. 10–24. A shorter version was published in book Marxism in the Postmodern Age pp. 188–197

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