J. League Soccer Prime Goal

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J. League Soccer Prime Goal
J.League Soccer Prime Goal
Cover art of J. League Soccer Prime Goal, the first game of the series
Genres Traditional sports simulation
Publishers Namco
Platforms Super Famicom

J. League Soccer Prime Goal[edit]

J. League Soccer Prime Goal (Jリーグサッカー プライムゴール?, "J League Soccer Prime Goal") is a Super Famicom soccer video game that allows players to play as soccer players in the J. League.

The two teams are prepared to play a soccer match that's just beginning. At this moment, Nagoya Grampus' Gary Lineker is passing the ball downfield.

There is a variety of options (which are all in Japanese). There is a side view perspective of the action similar to arcade soccer games. Even the players' surnames are in Japanese. Each half can be set up for a duration of up to five minutes.

There is a "lifting game" included in the options mode that allows players to balance a soccer ball on his virtual body for points like in an arcade game. The names of the moves are in Japanese; making it unlikely for Westerners to comprehend their moves. The highest score ever achieved in this mode was 59780 points and it was captured on YouTube on September 6, 2007. Easy moves are worth ten points each while the most difficult moves are 200 points each.[1]

There was a relatively elaborate television commercial for this game that appeared on Japanese television during the second quarter of 1993. It would show the Namco logo followed by the box art appearing out from underneath a soccer stadium full of players to the tune of Olé, Olé, Olé.

In November 1993, Famitsu magazine's Reader Cross Review gave the game an 8 out of 10.[2]

J. League Soccer Prime Goal 2[edit]

J. League Soccer Prime Goal 2 (Jリーグサッカー プライムゴール2?, "J-League Soccer Prime Goal 2") is a Japan-exclusive soccer video game for the Super Famicom.

The names of the players are in Japanese and the teams are based on these in the Japan Professional Football League. There is a side view for the action and players must determine their lineup before the game begins. However, its sequel would be released in Europe using the English language.

J. League Soccer Prime Goal 3[edit]

90 Minutes: European Prime Goal - known in Japan as J.League Soccer Prime Goal 3 (Jリーグサッカー プライムゴール3?, "J League Soccer Prime Goal 3") is a Super NES soccer video game that was released in 1995.

The player(s) get to play in either exhibition, tournament, or in the all-star mode. The view is from a left-right perspective and the national flags of several European countries are used in the game. In the game mode "You're a Hero", the player must make miracle plays that either win and/or change the game. The kick-off is doing using 3D graphics with the camera showing the spectators in the grandstand.

On release, Famicom Tsūshin scored the Super Famicom version of the game a 26 out of 40.[3]

J. League Prime Goal EX[edit]

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