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Joseph McVicker Hunt (1906–1991) was a prominent American educational psychologist and author. He promoted and researched pioneering concepts related to the malleable nature of child intelligence (also promulgated by Benjamin Bloom) that eventual led to the theory of learning centered on the concept an information processing system.


Hunt received a Ph.D from Cornell University and a D.Sc from Brown University. His latest job before his death was a Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois. Before that he taught at a number of universities, including Brown University, Columbia University, the University of Nebraska, and New York University. Hunt has received a number of awards, including the Award for Excellence in Research from the American Personal and Guidance Association and the Research Career Award from the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Hunt had published over 100 research and theoretical papers, and was from 1950 through 1955 Editor of the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology. He was also an editor and contributor for Personality and the Behavior Disorders.[1]


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