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JACDEC stands for the Germany's Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre. The German authors Jan-Arwed Richter and Christian Wolf provide under that term social research as a service, detailed information about an airline are with costs.[1] The JACDEC Safety Index was developed from their collected data. The Centre also monitors current events and provides updates on airline safety issues.

JACDEC Safety Index[edit]

The JACDEC Safety Index is a probabilistic measurement of past airline safety. It counts the fatalities per Revenue Passenger Terameter Performed. Its unit is 1/Tm.

Possible Inaccuracy[edit]

The inaccuracy of the company's indexing has been debated after a list was issued for the German Newspaper Bild's web site after the crash of Air France Flight 447, displaying the safety index of world's 60 biggest airlines.[2] The list which was possibly wrongly computed unfairly included Turkish Airlines as the list's 60th, and least safe airline, which is indeed a Star Alliance member. Starting year for the list was precisely chosen as 1973, some 36 years back, including a Turkish Airlines jet that had crashed in 1974 and a time when most of the airlines that are listed did not even exist, such as JetBlue Airways which was founded in 1999 and other regional companies with less flight frequency.

The listing of Turkish Airlines as the least safe airline is supported by Turkish Airlines DC-10 crash, which was due to manufacturing faults of the DC-10's cargo door locking system, that killed all 346 aboard. In the aftermath of this crash action was taken worldwide to fix the cargo doors fault of DC-10's, that were in service.


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