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Jeffery Allen Qaiyum
Born (1974-11-08) 8 November 1974 (age 40)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation MC, Writer, b-boy

Jeffery Allen Qaiyum (Born 1974) is an American professional b-boy, writer and MC. He has a brother, GQ, who is also a B-Boy professional.


Jeffery Allen Qaiyum was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. JAQ is of mixed ethnic background having a Pakistani father and a European American mother of German and English descent. The DJ, emcee, beatmaker, producer, beatboxer then moved to NYC where he learned how to make beats and carefully craft rhymes. J was the composer and DJ for the off-broadway smash hit musical comedy, The Bomb-itty of Errors.[1]

He was also composer and co-star of MTV's Scratch and Burn, which he created along with his brother GQ and two of the other bomb-itty guys, Dragon and Jordan. He scored New York indie film "Just Another Story", which aired on Showtime. His brother GQ wrote, directed and starred in the movie. The Q brothers were associate producers. J was the music video co-director and has a small cameo.

Jeffery Allen Qaiyum has produced the "Smashing" album for the Grommits, The Grommits, a rock/electro/hip-hop trio, and a solo hip hop album entitled "Foul Mouth Poet". He toured the country extensively with The Grommits for much of 2004. He is now the lead singer of Them Vs. Them, a new rock band out of Chicago. The Q Brothers, formed by JAQ and GQ, are currently working on an album together entitled, "The Feel Good Album Of The Year," a mix of jazz, heavy metal, R&B, and electronica.

Jeffery Allen Qaiyum currently lives in Venice, CA.

Jeffery Allen Qaiyum has also voiced Dexter "Dex" Jackson in the first game of the Saints Row series,in the second game Dex is instead voiced by Arif S. Kinchen


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